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  1. Secret Santa 2017

    Thats like almost every gamer's story man..the dilemma of life.(and the sales)
  2. Secret Santa 2017

    And then some.
  3. Exactly, quality bhi to dekho...I'll definitely get one too in coming years...infact bought Zelda:BOTW already
  4. The Giveaway Thread

    Anyone planning to buy a game from games the shop, can use the coupon code - 262441 at check out for 100/- off.
  5. Horizon: Zero Dawn

    I'm waiting for the complete edition. Would the experience be better if I play the dlc while playing the main game itself(if thats possible at all) or it does not matter?
  6. Introduce Yourself : The New Members Thread

    Welcome to the forum...Rand
  7. God of War

    Hype is building!! I'm also hoping for a LE, done with statues. Pre-ordered the art book already.
  8. What you bought this week

    Terror billy is hugggee & very well made!! Wolfenstein collection is complete and wanted to play Limbo for a very long time.
  9. What you bought this week

    Added to the list - Uncharted Collection Ratchet and Clank Wolfenstein 2 Collector's edition Few game(pics ) arrived: 2 games with limited physical release. Finally this thread can be closed now - http://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/topic/52767-wtb-gravity-rush-remastered-infamous-first-light/ And my second pro -
  10. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Thanks man, international transaction is enabled on my card...looks like its a sign that I should stop now
  11. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Can you PM me the details on how to do that? Dont want to put more OT posts here.
  12. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Nopes, dont even have a CC. No issues, next time then...thanks again.
  13. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Yea, that might be the case. Dont have a PS4 yet Anyways thanks for the input guys, any other way to pay?
  14. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Trying for an hour now, always getting an error to check card details when I am trying to add my Debit card(ICICI bank, mastercard). Not sure what the f*ck I need to change or they dont allow this particular debit card?
  15. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    How do I buy this? Have a US psn account, create another one for Indian PSN store?