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  1. Awesome purchases @Black_Hawk When I've fever, thats the only thing I get
  2. ^^awesome. Congrats
  3. ^^ Congrats & Happy Bday
  4. This scorn game looks amazing.
  5. @KnackChap Is there any chance?
  6. Not sure what he means. He hasnt played it yet?
  7. Black Friday definitely. Last year it was selling for 60$ cheaper just few weeks from launch.
  8. What Athek said. Get it from USA. My PS3 is 8 yrs old now, no issues, sold Pro to a guy in my locality last year, no issues yet(touchwood).
  9. There is no way there wont be a CE.
  10. But this is so boring.
  11. Plus he tweeted around E3, that he is happy with the results of testing it.
  12. Would recommend Tearaway Unfolded & the recent Crash remaster, if you like platformers.
  13. 10-15 years console na hua LIC ki policy ho gayi. Anyways, thank you to the silent warriors fighting the bigger war behind the scenes, because of whatever you did back in 2002, we had gr8 games this year
  14. More art work pics released. Kratos is having a sword in one of the pics -