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[NSFW]The Official Babe Thread[NSFW]

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  1. 1. Kya Aapko Sundar Ladkiyon Ke Tasveere Pasand Hai??

    • Yes
    • No
    • Snake...ur Awesome
    • Fk Off Snake....u damn Pervert!!!! (IM GAY!!!!)
    • Needs MOAR puspa

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r u being sarcastic..??

cause the new one aint real-er.


:) .Its real dude I saw it as part of a photoshoot.You wont believe the photoshoots kat did before she became a big bollywood star.Even the link I have given above is real.Its from Boom one of her earliest movies

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able leave it yaar.. real, fake, kya farak padta hai.. its not as if u are going to touch it.


Thats the spirit.But I dont want to post morphed pics.The first one was a mistake all the new ones are real 100%

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Megan Fox and Kim Kardashian :fear: niiiiiice


Here's another. Marzia Prince. Fitness guru and modeled for Playboy's sexy wives. (Yup she's married and still has that awesome body) :)

These are the pics I could find with the maximum amount of clothes on.








Edited by grajasekar

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use the image icon when u open up a new post window and paste the image url in the new window thats pops up.



emm i guess you need to put [ img ] the link and [ /img ] in the same line for the pics to show


And we wouldnt mind the lesser clothes ones either :P



Thank you both of you. I did use the tags but it worked only when I clicked the image icon and entered the link.


Lesser clothes, hmmm if the mods say its alright I'll post. Till then I'll not, don't wanna get into any trouble now, do I? :P

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