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CoolerMaster CSS 2 on 2 Tournament - Win Sentinel Advance and More!

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The rules are simple. Register on Erodov.com and then your team here http://bit.ly/9WiEtz, Prove your mettle, reflex and game sense and you will take home the prize. What's at stake? Well, Cooler Master is giving away a pair of Sentinel Advance Mice for the winning team (2 players.) The runners up get 2 x Cooler Master mouse pads... to 'awesomize' the gaming experience.


The prizes:


1. Winning team: Cooler Master Sentinel Advance x 2

2. Runners up: Cooler Master Mouse Pad x 2


The prizes (overall) are worth over Rs 12000!


Rules of the game:


1. Its a 2 v 2 tournament.

2. The maps for the tournament are: .. to be announced ..

3. The matches will be MR9 and ties will be decided on Over Time (MR3.)

4. A Level 1 player can team up with a Level 2 player. Level 1 + Level 1 is not allowed for this tournament (Erodov Staff judgment will be final and binding in this regard.)

5. Players will be required to post their STEAM ID and their XAC (Xray Anti Cheat) ID during registration.

6. The semi final will be played best of 3 maps (chosen by Erodov Staff.)

7. The final will be a best of 5 maps (one map being repeated... choosen by Erodov Staff.)

8. The winners will play a exhibition match with tMg akS! + tMg Ad1

9. Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. Teams caught in the act will be removed from the ladder immediately (and participation from future tournaments will be stopped as well.)

10. Matches will be played after 11:30 PM IST on weekdays and at convenient times on weekends.

11. Matches have to be played on official server(s) (IP address will be announced at a later stage.)

12. A minimum of 16 teams (registered) will be required before we start the ladder.

13. tMg members (in Erodov Staff) cannot participate in the tournament.




1. How to register?


Simple. Post in this thread with the following information (copy paste this, and edit the information before posting)


Team name: [your team name here]

Player 1: [erodov nick name], [css nick name], [steam id], [xac id]

Player 2: [erodov nick name], [css nick name], [steam id], [xac id]


2. So will Erodov form the teams?


No. Just go ahead and register your team (2 players.) Assume that your team is approved... we will let you know if we think there is a problem in the combo. The objective is to keep teams fair... after all.

3. What is XAC?


Xray Anti Cheat (X-ray Gaming - X-ray Anti-Cheat) This takes random screen shots during live games and uploads them to servers so that admins can verify that no funny stuff is going on. XAC needs to be logged in and active during the matches. Missing screen shots can be taken as a sign of cheating. Judgment of Erodov Staff is final in this regard.

4. MR9: Max Rounds 9? 9 rounds a half. 10 rounds to win.

5. MR3: Max Rounds 3? 3 rounds a half. 4 rounds to win.

6. Who is a Level 1 player?


We are devising this system to keep the tournament balanced. We want to encourage participation at all skill levels... and to ensure that, all players will be implicitly categorized as being in either 'Level 1' or 'Level 2.' 2 'Level 1' players will not be allowed to form a team together. 2 'Level 2' or a 'Level 1' and 'Level 2' can go ahead and form a team. Since this is the first edition of this tournament, we will be assigning the levels. In future tournaments, your performance in this edition will be used to decide your next level.


To summarize:


Level 1 + Level 1 = NOT COOL

Level 1 + Level 2 = COOL

Level 2 + Level 2 = COOL


List of known and 'dangerous' Level 1 players (the list is not exhaustive):

* Razor-x

* Sniper(a)

* Scorpion

* Monkey

* Dare Devil

* Infinity

* iBot

* Hell fire


Level 1 players, please check with me, ad1 or aks before forming your team... to avoid confusion.

7. How is Erodov awesome?


We will be making a frag video using the demos collected during this tournament. It will be short, but it will be sweet So heres your chance to make it to the lime light and really show off those skills.

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