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[PS3] IVG Fifa League

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Hey guys !


As posted in the Fifa online thread, we will have the first IVG Fifa 11 League from 5 January - 12 February


League invites have been given to the mentioned participants. Please do remember that you have to join the league only with a team whose star rating is not more than 3.5




Final League Table






The winner of this league will get his own custom title : ' IVG FIFA 11 League Winner ' and this title will appear below his avatar. He will also receive a memorabila pack consisting of :

a] Real Madrid crest towel

b] Barcelona crest towel

c] Chelsea Mug

d] Real Madrid keychain


League Rules and Information

1] A player will be having 4 games with each opponent


2] Half Time length will be 6 minutes


3] No created players are allowed


4] The league is only for registered IVG members


5] International teams are not allowed in this league

6] The people interested in playing in this league may reply in this thread with their PSN ID before the 5th of January.


7] There is no limit on the number of games a participant may play in a day.


8] Participants will be invited to the league on the 4th of January.


9] Participants can only choose a team whose rating is not higher than 3.5 stars


10] All participants are expected to finish their quota of matches.

Participants. [ Names are in alphabetical order ]


Avishkar ( PSN ID : T0P-N0TCH-PLAYER )


Bharat ( PSN ID : bharat_84 )


BoltonFan ( PSN ID : omr123 )


BoRn tO RuLe ( PSN ID : Navdeep80 )


Dabba ( PSN ID : drunkMst )


Dark Knight ( PSN ID : rakeshgms )


Del Piero ( PSN ID : Juvedel10 )


Dharmin ( PSN ID : beatemup1990 )


Dhruv-14 ( PSN ID : dhruv-14 )


Ethan ( PSN ID : mihirsaxena )


Keano ( PSN ID : praju61 )


Mourinho's 11 ( PSN ID : madridistalove )


Polash ( PSN ID : polash_thelegend )


Prakhar ( PSN ID : prakhar )


Rad ( PSN ID : rad2689 )


RahulOfWar ( PSN ID : laughordie )


Rockstar Net ( PSN ID : rockstarnet )


The Hitman ( PSN ID : ij1811 )


xZaanx [ PSN ID : xxzaanxx ]

Edited by Avishkar

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Participants[/b]. [ Names are in alphabetical order ]


Bharat ( PSN ID : bharat_84 )

Infected ( PSN ID : in3ected )

The Legend ( PSN ID : lxlGladiatorlxl ) [/color]


Will send friend requests to you three tonight .. please accept.

BTW Abdul - your psn id is OMGWTF :samui: .. will have a tough time figuring it :giggle:

Edited by Keano

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Added all your names :).


Wow, so we have 10 participants already :thumbsup:. Hopefully more people will sign up in the coming week.

Edited by Avishkar

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in !! count_n3mo


and might i suggest, put a cap on the no of stars like 3.5 or 4.

i know it might piss off a lot of people but playing against barca and chelsea only is a bit monotonic :|


WIN suggestion........ :thumbsup: Four-star teams only should be good.....

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@ Nemo and @ Polash : I have already given some thought to putting a cap on the number of stars of the teams. Will give a final decision by tonight regarding this issue.

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