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      Closing Vendors Only section   06/11/2017

      The Vendors Only section on IVG was started at a time when games retail and e-commerce were pretty much non-existent in India. But with the growing popularity of e-commerce players like Amazon and Flipkart and specialist retailers like Games the Shop, we don't feel a section like this serves much purpose anymore. And even small and new businesses now have easy access to payment gateways and social media to promote their businesses. We've also been noticing a lack of activity in the section over the last year or too. That's not even taking into consideration all the times we've allowed access to vendors who either don't stay in business long enough, or use IVG to commit fraud and cheat members.   So in view of the above, we've decided to close the Vendors Only section from June 30. Starting July, the section will be removed, along with all the threads and posts within it. All users currently part of the IVG Authorised Vendor group, will be moved to the Members group.   That brings us to the topic of how to approach/deal with businesses on IVG.   IVG was started as a community that is for gamers first, so we don't want to see the forums flooded with retailers, rental services, etc using this community for free advertising. So as things stand, retailers will not be allowed to sell their products or promote their businesses on IVG.   Members who come across useful services or retailers that the rest of IVG ought to know about can use the Game Deals section to start a discussion, but this is not to be used by businesses themselves. IVG Staff will close any topics that come across as advertising.   If any would like to use the forums to talk about their business, they would need permission from admins first (you can write to staff via the Contact Us link at the bottom of the forums).
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CM Sunny

Coffee with IVG: HPS

213 posts in this topic



AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanD It's here people

Coffee With Ivg:Season 1 now officially starts

Gracing the couch with his presence is the shot caller himself, Hundred Proof Sam


So here are the rules

1) For a period of 3 days, ask HPS anything that you would like to know about him or would like an answer for.

2) DO NOT spam in this thread.

3) Don't act like a idiot or a troll in this thread.

4) Some stupid (Read:Funny) questions are allowed, but don't ask moronic questions in this thread like "[Game Console] are nots working forr meez! Xbox rulrz ps3 sucketh"

5)Max questions allowed: 5

6)Do NOT repeat the questions that have already been asked

7)Keep your f**king arguments & self defence arguments to yourself

8)Don't argue with master pushy

9)Ask your questions in a single post


Rules violaters will be reported, keep trolling to a low level


So I'll let Sam takeover now

He is all yours

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When you started IVG, did you ever think / hope to make it the biggest gaming forum in India (which I suppose it is now)?? Assuming you studied to be a journalist (that's what you did right?), did you think you'd go into starting the largest Indian gaming forum with several thousand members ever?

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What inspired U in creating dis community??? :)


Are there any hidden stake holders of IVG besides U big 4 (i.e. urself, MT, CC, KC)??? :scratchchin:


When will we see U in E3 or similar events as a representative of IVG n whole Indian Gaming community??? :naughty:


Wats da secret of flying parrot??? :P


Wen r U gonna take dis IVG chai/coffee/biscuit wala under ur belt as grand-apprentice, coz he's sure trying hard 2 be one like his master poopy did back in da days??? :giggle:

Edited by Parker

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Bow often you go to amar juice center :threatenlumber: ?


get ur facts correct n****, it was KC not Simbaba...

Edited by Pushy

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