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Dice further explains why Battlefield 3 on consoles runs at 30FPS

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Firs of ALL IT IS A NEWS therefore i am posting it here. :threatenlumber:



Its no secret that Battlefield 3 on consoles will run at 30FPS as opposed to the PC version which will run at 60FPS – DICE stated so much a few months back. Today in a video interview, DICE further explains why both console versions will take a 30 FPS hit.




Dice shared the following statement during a video interview with IGN today:


“It’s not a technical challenge to get it to run at 60 but you have to scale back in some areas and we’re not willing to do that. We want to keep the core concept of what Battlefield is about and that means we’d rather stay with 30FPS because we are convinced that it is a good shooter experience there on 30FPS.”

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