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[PS3] Zenith Battlefield 3 Tourney!

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How to Register:

Please Post Your PSN-IDS For Registrations .

If There Are People New To Clan System And Squad System They Are Welcomed And Would Be Arranged Accordingly.

Every Member Are Free To Discuss Their Squads And Thus Can Post Their Squads , Individuals Can Post But Teams Are To Be Decided So That Each Team Is Balanced.


What happens if u get a DC?

If The Players Lag Out They May Rejoin The Game But If Randoms (FIRANGS) Join In The Game Then Your Team Must Bear That Asset Or Liability . Points scored by the firang will not be considered as points of the team/squad and will be deducted. Or u can just PM the firang to leave the server. BUT THE GAME WILL STILL BE ON!!


Rules regarding Vehicles and Weapons:

1) All Weapons, Weapon Upgrades And Vehicles Are Allowed.

2) Every Squad Can Have Multiple Class Members.



(1) Conquest (500 Tickets) Winners will be participants.

(2) Squad Rush (1 Match - Single Map) 4vs4 (Winning Team Gets 3 point)

(3) Squad Death Match (2 Matches - 2 Different Maps) 4vs4 vs 4vs4 (1st place = 2 points, 2nd place = 1 point, 3rd place and 4th place = 0 points)


How Squads will be Made?

There will be total 4 Squads. 4 Squad Leaders will be selected according to SPM.

1. We will give Each Squad Leader 50 Credits.

2. There will be 12 or 16 others to Bid For. Squad Leaders should bid for players. But they have only 50 Credits.

3. Incase The Squad Leader bid 40 credits on a very good player and they have only 20 credits left for other 3 players.

4. In case all the Credits are gone for a Squad Leader. He will be assigned random squad mate at the end of the Bidding.

5. After bidding , Its Squad leader's liability to get his team on time. In this way we can share the work among the organisers and the Squad Leaders.



To be announced.

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Players Participating:

1. Mizanurification || Mizanurification

2. aman-is-here || aman_is_here

3. Madhan || madhanuk

4. Rohan Seth || gamer_king1994

5. aroraachint || ARORAACHINT

6. kold || kold_war

7. Catalyst || catalyst360

8. sn1p1er n00b || ragur100

9. sagarjalvi || sagarjalvi

10. nukiller83 || nukiller83



Registrations ends on 7th April, 2012.

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dude i was planning a tourney but then dropped the idea since you cant host custom matches in bf3 as of yet :(


it will be unmanageable to join 1 empty server by all. But if u have figured it all out then I'm in! :D


read the spoiler at the end of OP... :D

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I'll be busy first 2 weeks of Jan. And max next weekend I can spare, that's about it for 2011.


Plan it for 2012, Mizan. And Zenith 2012 sounds cool, too :good:

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i think FEBRUARY will be best as i guess sabke exams over ho jaayenge including mine and till then we could find some sponsor also.



Mizu i suggested you abt the Humble Bundle Keys?

wat yo say guys? i can sell my tf2 backpack to get those. :D


anyways i am reserved.


what happens if someone's internet gets DC or electricity chali jaati hai?


for this i think we should host late night! as that would put the gamer's response to a very hard test as playing after 11 is hard i guess....

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My finals are in March.

Late January it is then. :D


humpty dumpty keys? :wacko:

If everyone likes then, it can be the prize.


One player gets DC= The points of the leader and the 2 players will be counted. Strangers points will be deducted, even if the team wins.


Timing: 11 pm

Everyone is expected to be online by 10:30.


Your Late. Your Out.

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