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Uncharted 3 Coop Crushing Guide

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Let's start :-







Stay the f**k back all the time during the beginning. Camp and shoot it out.


Once reaching the first check point, let only one person stay at the box while the others go back to where you started the level. The person just taps triangle to start the animation and then runs back to join teammates. Kill kill kill from now on referred to as 'KKK'.


Before reaching the second checkpoint there will be one masked guy on top of the bridge and one normal guy with the m9 will keep falling down infinitely. Don't kill the masked guy on the bridge and use the normal guy to stock up on M9's.


Stay behind the bridge (do not use the rpg on the first bridge just yet), KKK. Let hammer boss spawn, he comes down then goes back up, let him, kill him from behind the bridge using whatever guns you have, use rpg's on him. KKK. There are two WES over here, you can use them now or save it for the carpet bomb boss later.


Next keep KKKíng till carpet bomb spawns. Just before his cutscene one should go ahead and grab the sniper in front of you. Your third mate can grab the Tau Sniper on the roof where you are camping. Snipe, WES and Tau the carpet bomb boss he'll be a piece of cake. You can use cluster here or save it for later, I like to save it. In the waterfall is another WES.


Only your cluster bomb guy goes ahead, spawns the enemies (hammer boss and all) then he throws the cluster on them right away. Boom, all gone and cluster refilled. You can even use wes and tau on him if you still didn't get him earlier.


Next part use the previous hammer bosses hammer to clear out the enemies spawning around the first box here. Do NOT pick up the resident hammer on this part of the level, save it for the end. You have to open the box because it's an infinite spawn. After opening box still stay on that side of the map but spread out. RPG guys will *beep* you all up other wise. 2 people distract rpg's while one get's the sniper and takes two calculated headshots to get rid of armoured rpgs. Rush for the next box and get it done quick else more rpgs can spawn. KKK. Checkpoint.


Go from the right side, your cluster guy should buy now have two clusters saved, your army of 3 dude should pick up the hammer, all 3 rush start AO3, throw in the 2 clusters on Draza and middle, spam the hammer and you're done. Congrats!

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London UG




Stay back again. Use double grenades on armoured guys, for some reason the starting armoured guys have a very long and powerful shotty range. Use the chokers, let your cluster guy get them. KKK. Checkpoint.


Let one person go on top of the train bogies and collect the snipers, theres also a sniper resting besides a wall next to the right bogie. Come back and stay at the check point, this should all be done before the C4 cutscene.


Now kill w non armoured chokers, use the armoured one, let the sniper take out all the snipers and rpgs with headshots that way he gets double the medals, preferably he's the cluster guy too since you'll need cluster bomb in the next bit. Take out the shields with grenades or sniper dude. Go together. Wait for the rpgs to spawn on the trains, the first rpg is way too tough to get. As soon as you get an rpg open the wall because else this is an infinite spawn point. Stock up on good long guns since there will be nothing but Kal-7's in the next bit. KKK, check point in new room.


Do NOT take the hammer you see on the way, save it for the cart pushing bit.


I like to switch my M9/Gmal for the AK on the wall and take cover and simply blindfire the sh*t out of everyone.Use chokers according to convenience, spam the armoured shotgunners with nades since they WILL be a pain in the a*s. Use your good long gunes to take their masks out and melee them, be careful about dropping nades when meleeing people. KKK. Carpet bomb boss.


Let the cluster bomb guy activate it and throw the cluster right at his feet. Boss fight over.


NOW one person who's going to look back take the hammer and a decent long range pistol.


Let the guy who's going to look front go and get the sniper from the back of map of the cart sequence. He gets on the cart and swipes sniper for gmal, uses it on armoured guys to remove masks thats it. Middle guy pushes cart, always under command of hammer guy who's looking back. Whenever hammer guy sees anyone spawning back he stops that cart and everyone looks back. Take out initial 3 small guys with the good pistol not the hammer, go get their hammer/pistol.


Next spawn will be in the front of the brute on the train, the guy who brought the sniper, uses it for two head-shots on the pak 80 and hes gone.


Next is back spawn of a couple of armored guys and chokers. Use only 2-3 hammers at the right times too, again obviously everyone should be looking back now, and sniper guy can also get them if he still has sniper left. KKK. Cart sequence over. KKK till next checkpoint, use chokers.


Now let the previous hammer and the current hammer in the train combine to give you like 6-8 hammer shots. Let the hammer guy go up front and get the big bang using 2-3 hammer shots. Let middle guy be with hammer guy but a step behind him to revive him just in case. Let third guy look at back and grenade and attempt to take out both chokers, even if he gets caught there's enough time since by then top part is done and both other players can come back to save him.


KKK, use resident RPG on the carpet bomb boss. Be wary of chokers coming from behind though. KKK for final checkpoint.


Now comes the final strategy bit. By now cluster bomb should have two clusters and AO3 should be ready. Let cluster guy go left with the sniper you get at the last checkpoint. His job is to take out only the hammer and cluster the hammer and mega bomb guys. That's it.

Other two guys go behind the turret, activate your AO3 and get behind the turret and mow down all the useless armored clowns coming up. Non turret guy you have the job of taking out snipers on the roof next to sniper guy and other small chokers running in. Please remember throw a grenade at the car near the turret before running that side, that way you get the car out of the way, and also take out the guys at the turret.

Hammer boss will easily die. Now mega bomb spawns. Only turret guy stay at turret, other guy come at the car right in the middle of turret guy and sniper guy. All 3 simultaneously start blasting the mega bomb guy. Which ever one of you sees the mega bomb looking towards him run the f**k away, the mega bomb has infinitely long range/radius and you WILL go down. That's why you all need to spread out so you all don't go down together. Middle guy you or sniper guy can pick up the hammer from the hammer boss if you can manage it and blast the sh*t out of the mega bomb guy. He's gone.


Just grenade the firing truck and you're done. Congrats! :)

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Monastery :censored:


Monastery. Ahh the most challenging and most exciting chapter of all. Most loved and most hated just because of one simple part.


I'll get right down to the final statue part save a few small tips that'll save a LOT of time.


Before killing the final armoured guy before the cluster bomb guy spawns make sure you've been stocking up on medals, fill up your grenades and long guns and pistols. One of you get the WES on the right line of the map where the militia man drops down.


Remember to get the cluster bomb guy FIRST. No one else. Use the wes on him instantly, 8-10 shots of WES will take him out along with support fire from your teammates. Next concentrate on the Milita man, remaining WES shots along with teammates support fire. KKK.



About the roof part where you snipe it's very easy, everyone can do it. Just a little tip, if possible leave just one pistol guy NOT rifle. Just leave one guy alive and hang on the keys, you get an extra bonus medal for free.


One person grab the hammer from the hammer boss. Save it. Grab the other hammer from the guy who spawns from the windows. Now everyone camps at the exit door. KKK till Pak spawns. Let him come close, everyone spams grenades on him and you get out all 8 hammer shots on him. He's gone. Even easier is if one person activates Army of 3 and the hammer guy pwns him. Be careful now and pick up the remaning two more hammers from the guys you killed but no one picked up.


Next part KKK till you have to keep Drake.


Here are the 3 strategies that work now.

1. Everyone stay center, you grab pak from the side of the map, bring it center, use it to pwn only the pak boss and the rpgs. Second person goes get pak bosses pak and you continue getting rpgs with paks and use your army of 3's on the armoured rpgs.


2. One person stays at church with m9 and micro. Two others stay at center one with pak the other with gun of his choice. Pak guy takes out pak boss. Guy at church can look everywhere and shoot everywhere and he can in fact shoot church rpgs before they even attempt to shoot the

statue, not to mention the infinite number of rpgs at his disposal. He can only not shoot the guy on the church on top of him.


3. And from what I feel the best option yet. All 3 in center, Pak on Pak action again, then harness the power of two paks, thirds guy however uses only his para 9 / Wes all the time, while saving his 8 hammers from previous part. He is mainly called into action only when an armoured rpg spawns and shoots only two hammers for each armoured rpg. There is another hammer on the map just in case he runs out of ammo or dies in the middle.


Also remember another important tip for this part, keep your eyes peeled for the church rpgs. If you see an armoured guy walking form either the left or the right of the church for sure its an armoured rpg drop everything and run to pull him down. No bullets required at all. It doesn't matter if you die as long as you get him first.


Hopefully you can get this done in the first try itself so you have many lives left.


In case you die and have to redo the statue part remember, most people spawn in front and at the church and very few at the back, only one person look back, get the intital wave, then one run for the pak, get it back center and continue forward.


Final boss battles.


If you don't have the map pak left or you used it already, keep jumping around like a maniac because there's no point camping anywhere they can get you from anywhere when you stand still.


EVERYONE's first priorities are taking out the snipers and armoured rpgs without comin in line of fire of main bosses. Remember each armoured rpg requires only two nades. Get cluster bomb or hammer first, cluster is a pain in the a*s, whereas hammer drops the hammer which you can use.


Few easy camp spots are either the church, or where the hammer spawns in the map or the pak 80 spawn in the map.


If you all die and respawn then one make a mad dash for the pak, whereas other two for the exit of the monastery. Pak guy can take out all the main bosses, whereas the other two take out the snipers and rpgs and revive each other.


Monastery, finally over. You can't possibly go wrong with so many different options of completing this.

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Great work man :thumbsup: Repped :thumbsup: Much needed Guide :P And how the hell did you complete Crushing with only 2 people :blink: Again Awesome Tips :thumbsup: Lets see if we can complete now :bigyellowgrin: Airport is the Toughest i feel :fear:


the game wont allow playing CoOp alone .. or else he would've completed it all by himself :giggle:


Airport is my fav one .. hate the Monastery defending part <_<

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I actually completed monastery with two peeps again today afternoon. AO3 and Cluster. Was kind of tough, not because of anything else but because the game was actually lagging even in coop. It was horrible towards the very end. I hammered the rpg guy twice and he didn't go down and I was like wtf?!? Then my character glitched out in front of militia man who killed me instantly. Completed it anyways.


Anyone who wants help add me, I enjoy coop.

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repped ....


& voted option 1 ... though u havent really helped me directly (coz everytime we tried doing it something or the other Fukked up) but you introdued me to the one who helped me complete it ... :bigyellowgrin:

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newu ke saath khelne ka koi fayda nahi hai aur usme koi achievement bhi nahi hai :bigyellowgrin: woh akela hi sab clear kar lega aur hum log bas Spectate karte rahenge :P


Those who cleared crushing without newu are commendable :clapping: Those Who cleared with newu are :thumbdown: Newu is a Boss itself.Newu`s movement is fantastic though :thumbsup:


Newu ke saath toh koi bhi kar lega uske bina karo toh jane :naughty:

Edited by hope

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^^ He halped me to get the star and without him it was not possible but still i voted for 2nd option cos he is a boobiii



haha .. I wish he made the poll public.

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