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Fanatec and Wheels in general

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It all started with a thought in my head.


"After 4 years of the PS3, I think I want the X360 too."


Not a surprising thought to many, I am sure. However, I must now admit that I want to really max out my gaming experience. I absolutely DIG racing games. (My 2 pitiful platinum trophies were from NFS games)


So, I thought to myself, what racing wheel can I get that will keep all bases covered when I have both the consoles?


Disappointingly, the Logitech G27 did not fit the bill. It after all supports only the PS3 and the PC.


Then I came across the Thrustmaster 430 Scuderia Edition wheel. Once again, no support for the 360. But it looked oh so gorgeous! And absolutely no clutter. But then, absolutely no force feedback either! Yikes!


And then I stumbled upon Fanatec. Forza CSR, CSR Elite, and 911 GT2. Three wheels that support ALL gaming platforms.


Clearly, a no-brainer then?


What are your thoughts, fellow gamers? You'd recommend this, and if so, how do I get my hands on one?

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