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Suggestions for a new laptop

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Updated requirements as on 17th August 2012


Toshiba Satellite L850 Satellite L850-Y5310 Laptop 3rd Gen Ci7/8GB/750GB/2GB graphics/Win 7 HP: Compare, Review Toshiba Notebook


Samsung NP550P5C-S01IN Series 5 NP550P5C-S01IN Laptop: Compare, Review Samsung Notebook


Dell New Inspiron 15R SE 3rd Gen Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ 2GB Graphics/ Win 7 HP Laptop: Compare, Review Dell Notebook



Requirement: Gaming (casual) (I mean I will be playing hardcore games like BF3, but I don't need ultra high details just so that they can see the shadow of their player have more details)


I do understand that the Toshiba has the best processor,and the worst Graphic card


The Samsung has a good GPU, but the processor is lame.


The Dell is the jack of all trades, has a decent GPU(though the one on Samsung is better), and a decent processor, though the one on Toshiba is better. (Remember 3610 is better than 3612, dont get fooled by the name.)

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Is it worth it to add another 5 grand to get specs equivalent to these?




HP DV-6 ...


CPU - Core i7 2630QM - 2.00Ghz

RAM - 4GB - 665Mhz

GPU - AMD Radeon 6770M - 1GB

OS - Windows 7 64 Bit


Can anyone help me in adjusting switchable graphics ??

I have Intel Graphics 3000 and AMD Radeon 6770M both in my laptop

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Also how was your previous laptop destroyed? :fear:




I had to go home urgently.


And I didnt get the tickets for AC chair car/31/2A/1A.


So I took sleeper class.



Random Chai wala appears. "Chai Chai, garam chai"



Me: 1 chai dena

He: 5 rupay

Me: gives him a 20 Rs note.

He hands over the chai, and the balance.

I bend over to put the money in my pocket, and the laptop on the edge of the window gets thrown out of the moving train.

He: aapka samaan gir gaya


Me: :furious:

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Hp dv6 worth the price ..

Games are smooth .

Batman Arkham City gave me an avg. of 50 fps .

Hp lappies have beat audio .. The speakers are just amazing :majesty:

Shits on my Dad's Inspiron literally :P


I preferred an i7 only because I do hell of multitasking coz I get less time coz of studies :P

At the same time I play games , convert videos , download some thing or the other

Plays all the latest games in medium settings except bf3 which works smooth in low settings


The price of Hp dv6 might have dropped coz hp launched new envy series now

Don't get a dell .. My dad got lots of problems on his Inspiron 15R

Get Asus or Hp

I stay in a small town and there is no service centre for Asus .. That was the main reason I bought hp instead of Asus


Cons as far as I know is laptop gets hot like anything when playing games ..

I can't compare it with other laptops as it is first laptop

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