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Help Needed: Emulating XBOX games on XBOX 360

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I bought a 2nd hand XBOX DVD (not 360) of Ninja Gaiden Black from ... now when I insert it in my xbox 360 slim, it starts reading the disc and displays an error message stating that the game did not start and I should try redownloading the game.


The game is listed as a compatible game on .


I am not sure what I am doing wrong; I had recently purchased a 320 GB HDD from ebay ( and the buyer confirms that the item is a legit HDD from Microsoft Canada ... and I was able to install XBOX 360 games ovr it.


I have heard there are some emulation profiles tat 1 needs to download, I am not sure how to get those.


My X360 console is 100% legit and unmodded (as of now)


Any suggestions on how to get the game working would be appreciated.




EDIT: The NG Black XBOX DvD is NTSC ... whereas my console is PAL

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Spoke to Xbox Support representative (supposedly H/w support specialist)


EDIT: She confirmed my HDD is legit :thumbsup:


Marcy: It seems that you have an issue with a downloadable game, is that right?


ME: no, I have the original XBOX ROM with me


ME: I did not download the same on my 360


Marcy: I see. This game is an original xbox game?


ME: I am on latest dash


ME: yes


ME: I read that I might have to download some emulation profiles when I connect to live with the disc in, but nothing happens


Marcy: Yes. It may need an update once you load the game.


ME: as i said nothing happens


ME: it shows the name of the game at home


ME: but under my games I see nothing


ME: no option to download the game on my HDD as well


Marcy: This original Xbox game may or may not run with the new console mainly because there might not be any updates at all from the publisher of this games.




ME: but the same is enlisted here


ME: which means it should be compatible right?


ME: I took pains of getting this title imported from NA as I did not want to download 6 GB from live


Marcy: Yes I know that it is listed on our website that it is compatible with the console however to be honest with you some of those games may not run on the console because with the recent updates with the console there is a chance that the publisher may need to release an update or a patch for it to play on the new dashboard.


ME: hmm .. thats sad


Marcy: Microsoft is actually doing its best to have the original games run on the console.


ME: as Iend up wasting around 16 USD


Marcy: Yes I know.


ME: I guess the original list should be updated in that case


ME: as we assume MSFT updates are all backwards compatible


ME: and would not alter the previous behaviour


Marcy: Yes I know. That is not really good. I also have Prince of Persia and it did not work on my console as well ME.


Marcy: Yes that is right. But Microsoft is actually doing their best to have these original games run on the console.


ME: any hope of this working in the future? coz I am not sure as to what I should do with this ROM now


Marcy: They are doing a lot of research on this and also coordinating with the publishers of these games.


ME: infact I would suggest


ME: you folks should take it down from marketplace as well


Marcy: Do you have any other concerns or questions for me?


ME: as this is misleading


ME: I am sure even the downloadable version dont work


Marcy: Yes I know how frustrating this is. I have this situation and I felt the same way.


As if I care .. paisa to mera gaya na :sign_banhim:

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tell me if i am wrong , ur using orginal game downloaded by someone on xbl and copied to dvd to run on your xbox ?


isnt it piracy

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The reason it is not working is because of region locking. PAL 360s can only run PAL original XBOX games IIRC. The only way you can play NG on 360 is by buying a PAL disc, or downloading from the official marketplace(even modding the 360 doesn't remove region locking AFAIK). Or you can buy a NTSC/modded original XBOX.

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The error I get is:


the game couldnt start. try downloading the game again

for more help visit


Guess I will not get to play the game after all ... time to shoot a mail for refund to :P

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