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Review: Mass Effect 3

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Review: Mass Effect 3

By Amit Goyal aka TAG


For those of us who put the Mass Effect 3 disc in our respective systems with shaky hands and bated breath, it is more than just a game, or even a sequel for a beloved series. Mass Effect is a journey we’ve been partaking in since 2007, and we’ve watched the rise of Commander Shepard from an Alliance marine to the status of space cowboy supreme, shaped by our decisions. With every installment, the challenge that Shepard faced was stiffer; and the third game has brought about the most challenging task till date for Shepard: the Reapers – a race of sentient machines that harvest life every 50000 years only to disappear in the deep recesses of space leaving no trace behind – are here. Earth, among other worlds, is under heavy attack, and it is up to Shepard and the crew he assembles through the game to figure out a way to stop the Reapers.



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