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Query abt PSN

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I am Abhishek from Bangalore :) and ...


I will soon be the the proud owner of a PS Vita :D

and this is my first gaming console too!


I have a doubt about the PSN store !



I heard the Vita can have only one Account for PSN ....



Now I believe the only store I can access is the PSN india.. But supposing the games are cheaper in another store , EU or USA store.. will I be able to buy them ?


Also, there are MANY psp games that I am dying to play and will download them ASAP.. So could you tell me the approx cost of the games in the PSN India store? Also if that is the cheapest or am I (if I can) better of buying it on another store?


-Dissidia FF

-Tactics Ogre -Let us Cling together

-Tekken 6

-God of War

-War of the Lions



:D any idea how much these will cost on the store ??



Thank you all :)

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No idea about the games but I recommend you make Indian PSN account because if you make a US account you will need a US cc or PSN card to purchase something while if you have a Indian account you wont have to worry about these things.

Also the games on Indian PSN will cost you less than the others.


For the game prices try googling. ;)

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