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The Podcast 7 - E3 FTL

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WARNING: The language in this podcast may be best described as potty-mouth and may be inappropriate for certain audiences


We were supposed to have Krishnan (IMBender) on our post-E3 podcast but he wasn't able to join us due to some technical issues, so again its Nash and myself. Here's what we talk about this week:


WTF is up with E3?


Microsoft Press Conference

- RPG overkill?

- New Dashboard

- XBL Avatars = Home killer?

- Causal games - Lips, You're In The Movies

- Guitar Hero, Rock Band


Nintendo Press Conference

- Shoot the bitch!

- Animal Crossing, Clone Wars, GTA on DS

- Wii Music

- Missing: Kid Icarus, Mad World

- Wii Sports Resort, Spore on DS


Sony Press Conference

- LBP > Powerpoint

- Resistance 2 demo

- PS3 Greatest Hits, 80GB PS3

- PSP and PSN game announcements

- Ratchet & Clank Quest for Booty



Missing Games

- Doom 4, Bioshock 2, Max Payne, Hitman, Alan Wake, LA Noire, Mafia 2


Games to watch

- I Am Alive

- Prince of Persia


Nash's Afro Samurai sales pitch


Name The Podcast Contest (post suggestions in this thread)



Click here to listen to or download the podcast. Enjoy



The music in this week's podcast is from the Afro Samurai soundtrack by RZA

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You know i've learned something this E3.


No matter how awesome the big 3 are and how truly legendary certain publishers and developers are all, they just want one thing. Your money.


The business model has changed, the way to market and make games has changed. A long time ago gaming was seen as an anti-social scene and now has undertaken a total turn around. Before it used to be feasible to make games exclusive to one platform, but competition and development tools has and will be changing that. Let's face it, it makes no sense as loyal consumers, to love one console over another or to be ensconced in hatred over the next. At the end of the day all MS, Nintendo and Sony want are your hard earned bonuses, raises and birthday money. They don't care whether you hate the fact that X game goes onto another console or that they've decided not to make any games catering to your gaming tastes.


Add to the fact that devs are getting lazy, continually depending on patches, installations and load times that would rival the PSOne era lead me to believe that why should we favor one console over another? Why should we bother about some startling new feature that doesn't affect the game play or make significant improvements to it (ZOMG 3D INTERFACE! DOWNLOADABLE MOVIESSZ!)? While i understand these are, for some, nice touches, they don't make or break the games you'd be playing on them.


Let's face it, like every other industry, the games industry is fraught with hype, smoke, mirrors, bullshit and yes if we're lucky, some games at the end of it all. Some sweet, awesome lines of code that result in virtual ecstasy making all of the crap worth the while. So fellow gamers all i have to say at the end of this seemingly LOTR-ish post is this, love the games, not the format. And at the end of the day remember, console wars aren't decided by fanboys, they're decided by games.


Love the games, not the format.


Also, good podcast is good :P.

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how many of yall listened to it till the end (rather than till the sign off and start of the music)?




I surely did,

grows teeth in vagina or something like that? ew...



I give a name : the AGP (Abusive Gaming Podcast)



sounds good to me


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