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Stevie G

[Ps4]Fifa 16 Dream Club Season

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Just as we did in Fifa 15, the dream club concept returns with a slight change, this year we will have a 3 month window from October to January where 4 competitions will take place




-Champions League

-Europa League




League- October 15-December 31

Cup- November 11- December 31

Champions League- November 11-January 5

Europa League- November 11- January 3





League will be simple round robin format.

The top 8 at the end on November 5th will qualify for the champions league while the remaining will qualify for the Europa League.

The FA Cup will have random draws at the end of each round. In case there are uneven players, then Anuj (If he's playing else Abhishkesh) as defending Champion will get a first round Bye




Last time, we did a full bidding process and we already have teams. Initially, all last time players will be asked if they are playing. In case someone is unable to play, then all his players will be up for bidding.

Of the returning players, they can retain a maximum of 3 players from last years squad. They can choose to retain 0 also. The remaining will go for auction again.

If you retain a player, his cost will be deducted from the amount of coins you have for bidding. So for example if I choose Silva and if he cost be 250 last year, then my final coins will be 250 less.

In case a player was traded for points last year and is retained, then his base value will be deducted.(Overall)

Each player will be given 2000 coins and must choose a minimum of 17 outfield players and 2 goal keepers.

Each player also has a right to match card which basically means 1 ex player you can retain even if you loose him in the auction for the same price that he is sold. Example I lose Lahm and Dharmin buys him for 300 but I can use my right to match card and get Lahm for 300. This can be only used once and only on your ex players.




Last tournament, a lot of players got penalties and some got bonuses, all this will be expanded upon when the final list of participants are in




Initially, all last years participants will be given priority but others can also register.




Auction will take place mostly on the 2-4 October. It could take place here in the thread or in a common Whastapp group


Final Budget/retained players


All players must let me know their retained players if any and their final budget by 29th September

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I'm in

I missed last year's dream club tourney just dun wanna miss this one, btw wats the max no. of participants for this tourney, just asking cuz of last years participants priority thing...




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I can't participate till the start of second week of November,have exams.

Can I skip the league and take part in the rest?

If yes,I am in.

You can't finish your league games in 45 days?

How can you play champions league or Europa league if you aren't even in the league

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