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Joe Cool

The Division 2

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15 minutes ago, Django_3101 said:

I got a code, Joe.

not sure if its a friend referral or a direct beta code. source is offline now. will check and let you know


Thanks. Finally fixed it after re-starting for an hour.


Pre-loading. add my alt account: its_joe76

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2 hours ago, papun1055 said:

Send one for me also

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1 hour ago, TouchyFever said:


Me please..

uplay id please

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2 hours ago, goDofWar_skr said:

Popular belief is that if you played the first one then you will appreciate the new one more :P



It kind of plays pretty much like the first game. Less spongy though.


Visuals don't stand out at all. Compared to the first game, it's a massive downgrade. Not just graphics but the effects and the city too. The charm isn't there. The streets now are copy-pasted without any effect or something makes you go aww. The first one had that Christmas spirit + survival perfectly fit. 



The indoors are cool though albeit pretty straight forward. 

DX11 performance is shite. DX12 is a lot better. No SLI profile, but beta, I suppose. 

Plenty of activities to do like every other Ubisoft title. At times feels a lot with so many icons on the map. 

The online system seems to work fine.


Nothing really stood out or screamed "new" compared to the first game. 

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