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FIFA 18 Pro Club: Cross FC

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Looking for Players for FIFA 18 Pro Clubs. Interested can ping XB GT : GramBoy90.


Squad List : 





Play on Friday, Saturday and Sunday s 9 pm - 2 PM.


1. Pick a position. If you give your position as a CDM for e.g. we expect you not to bomb forward every single opportunity. We expect the player to be disciplined and stick to his role/ position.

2. Really looking forward to add more defensive minded players to the club. But drop a line in the thread if you are an attacker as well and we will get back to you.

3. Be respectful. We are all passionate about the game and may say things at the heat of the mo. It happens. Say sorry and move on if you do. 

4. Mic - If you have it, awesome. If you don't, its OK. The club will normally be on a party and you can still hear your teammates communicate.

5. NO SPAMMING pass button. Please have patience during build up play.



All About the Squad : https://proclubshead.com/18/club/xboxone-1263633/squad/ranking/


PS: Most content copied from Another Post for PS4 Club by @prime.echo.

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