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Joe Cool


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22 hours ago, Rosh said:

@Joe CoolThat sounds promising, so the Lozano / martial types - high dribbling & skilled will prevail? No reason to choose higuain/ Kane?

hope just like vision and passing matter, finishing does too...some day.


oh and strength ? How critical is it?


Pace will always give an edge over target strikers but give how timed finishing is, you can really finish it off with the majority of players if you master it. The passing and physical from complete strikers will also benefit the players around as you don't have to force your way out using pace. 


Should be a fun meta. Strength is very critical as expected. Since the pace isn't too strong like before and weak players can be shoved off easily, the physical will play a good role.


The chemistry styles are changed/nerfed a bit. So we have to see how it's going to affect in FUT.


Custom tactics are very addition. Able to change the game completely on the fly is always good to have. Everything is dynamic. 


17 hours ago, VelivolusDas said:

Also, the graphics/lighting (overall Image Quality) is better too. HDR seems to be better implemented.


Absolutely. The visuals and presentation are always on point. The menus don't feel laggy anymore either. 

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All changes made by chemistry styles is visible in-game (including negative stats).







  • Players in the starting XI: 25% from Team Chemistry and 75% from Individual Player Chemistry.
  • Players who comes on as a substitute: Substitutes are assigned a Static Individual Player Chemistry of 5. Thus, their individual chemistry is: 25% from Team Chemistry and 75% from Static Individual Player Chemistry of 5.

This means that, while substitutes benefit from being in a team with high Chemistry, they won’t receive the effects of Individual Player Chemistry.

STAMINA - Physical attributes are now affected by a player’s stamina during a match in FUT 19. The attributes affected are:

  • Acceleration
  • Agility
  • Jumping
  • Strength
  • Reactions
  • Marking

Finally. Hopefully, will drain stamina of those agile players fast. 🤭

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2 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:


Squad Battles? It's still there.


There is now an online version too. FUT Rivals.

I thought there would be monthly rewards for it. Guess I'll skip Fifa 19 then since I mostly play offline.

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Yeah, making it offline only sucks. But I guess it's the first year, they are testing how it is played. Hopefully, next year they will make it online friendly. 


Surprisingly very enjoyable. Not always offside goals nor always kicking players and getting away with it. 

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