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PS4 Slim Sudden Lag in between game?

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So this has been happening from last 3-4 months. I play my PS4 like 3-4 days a week.


So, I play God of war 4 , FIFA 17, FIFA 18, GTA(all the games that I have). This happens in normal UI too of PS4. Lag lasts like 1-2 minutes. Happens probably 4-5 times in 1 hour.


This lag is not of internet or disks, but definitely PS4 Slim. It's out of warranty so can't take it to Sony India. Not sure what might cause this, might be HDD, or GPU or god knows what. I tried to live with it but getting goals at that lag or taking goals (FIFA) at the lag time makes me sick. I hate it. As I said it doesn't happen all the time, just 1-2 mins in every 15-20 mins sessions. If I keep playing the game , the lag goes away but comes back again in 10-15 mins. I have tried resetting the console and doing various things but no solution. Can this be a TV issue too ? I have MiTV 43".


Should I take it to a repair shop and if yes, which one in delhi ? I don't want my console to get sh*t in case the repair shop is sh*t and creates more problem than it solves, which shop can be trusted with this that the won't mess up my console or steal some parts or change old parts that they might have of PS4 with my new parts. Console is like 15 months old.


Has this kind of thing happened with someone else ? The lag is not like the game slow totally or shuts down, no , it's like FPS dropping which didn't used to happen.  

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Since when are you experiencing lag? I am facing the same issue for the past week on FUT 19. Ping test is yielding double latency in PS4 as compared to what I am getting on PC on same hardwired network. 

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