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WC T20  

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6 minutes ago, blitzkreiig said:

Exactly...All are incompetent. 

Vijay is said to be a proper test batsman and that shot was the worst one could play when ball is moving, playing across..


Ganguly said a really good point as to play in front of the batsman body than away from it which Rahul did..I am people will get out but such little things can change the situation in your favour too.. VK and Pujara do that.. If the ball is moving away and you keep your bat in line with the body , the edge is beaten and thats the best one can do when its banana swing..



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Clearly Virat doesn’t want Pujara is the team :doh: 
shitty call.. 
Both were at fault. Pujara doesn't need to take risky singles especially with his history of run outs. And Kohli clearly sold him out. Moronic.

BTW match can still finish in 2 days the way we are losing wickets.

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