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santanu18 santanu18 09/21/17 very good, smooth deal. member prompt in communication & dealing. A1 experience. MegaMav MegaMav
nishant872 nishant872 09/20/17 As always, an absolutely smooth deal with an extremely trustworthy individual. Ripper667 Ripper667
Ripper667 Ripper667 09/20/17 nice packing and seamless dealing nishant872 nishant872
edept edept 09/20/17 Nice guy to deal with, there was some issue from my side which was taken care by him very smoothly Waiting to deal with him again. RamRaaj RamRaaj
Walker Walker 09/19/17 Great Guy. Quick payment. HEMAN HEMAN
HEMAN HEMAN 09/19/17 Pleasure to deal with. Immediate responses and quick shipping. Carefully packed. Recommended. Walker Walker
Danny007 Danny007 09/16/17 A+ buyer, good communication, smooth deal. Recommended! ngaged2005 ngaged2005
Kill_Them_Softly Kill_Them_Softly 09/16/17 A++ buyer, good communication, swift funds trf, would definitely deal with again. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 09/16/17 Great seller and awesome person to deal with. Packing was simply at its best. Kill_Them_Softly Kill_Them_Softly
nawaab609 nawaab609 09/15/17 Excellent seller. Very good packing. Highly recommended. joy.das.jd joy.das.jd
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 09/15/17 Excellent buyer.. Prompt response and payment.. Recommend to deal with Subhrad Subhrad
Subhrad Subhrad 09/15/17 A+ seller, packed well, hassle free deal. Recommended ngaged2005 ngaged2005
Dark prince Dark prince 09/15/17 Smooth deal, quick funds trf, good communication. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 09/15/17 Awesome guy to deal with Dark prince Dark prince
kold_war kold_war 09/14/17 quick payment...smooth deal nishant872 nishant872
nishant872 nishant872 09/13/17 Quick shipping +perfect condition disc kold_war kold_war
Ares Ares 09/13/17 Very good seller, and great communication. Highly recommended. AtheK AtheK
AtheK AtheK 09/13/17 Always nice to deal with one of the nicest gamers on IVG. Super patient. A+ Ares Ares
vinayakb vinayakb 09/12/17 Good Buyer HEMAN HEMAN
RamRaaj RamRaaj 09/12/17 Friendly attitude, speedy communication and timely shipping! Resolved my concerns around one of the items in an entirely hassle free and satisfactory way. Thumbs up! edept edept
blitzkreiig blitzkreiig 09/12/17 ***** KM PUNK KM PUNK
wickedbl0ke wickedbl0ke 09/12/17 Good Deal..Good Packing Garry2CooL Garry2CooL
Daredevil15 Daredevil15 09/11/17 A++ seller, good packing, shipped as promised, hassle free deal. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 09/11/17 Very Smooth deal and quick payment. A++ Daredevil15 Daredevil15
HEMAN HEMAN 09/11/17 Good Seller; Definitely recommended; Packed the game very well. vinayakb vinayakb