Receiver Date Comment Sender  
CarbonCore CarbonCore 11/20/17 Amazing packing. One of the best I've seen in my 6+ years on IVG. Ares Ares
Rockysam Rockysam 11/20/17 A++++ buyer upfront payment and genuine buyer surely would deal again Skull Crusher Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher Skull Crusher 11/20/17 A+++ Seller..Great packaging and instant reply... Rockysam Rockysam
kmkaks kmkaks 11/19/17 Awesome buyer, trustworthy, patient, good communication. Would definitely deal with again. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
kmkaks kmkaks 11/19/17 Very smooth transaction, would deal with him again Nathan.Drake Nathan.Drake
coolboyind coolboyind 11/18/17 10/10. Highly recommended. Playstationdude Playstationdude
Nathan.Drake Nathan.Drake 11/18/17 Prompt communication great seller. Will deal again. kmkaks kmkaks
jak3072 jak3072 11/18/17 Hassle free deal, always a pleasure to deal with. Recommended. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 11/18/17 Looking forward to deal again kmkaks kmkaks
Playstationdude Playstationdude 11/18/17 10/10 Game in new condition. Smooth and effortless transaction. Packaged the game very well. Thanks coolboyind coolboyind
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 11/18/17 Good guy, will trade again. jak3072 jak3072
junarome junarome 11/18/17 Excellent seller. Shipped quickly and package arrived safely. Wiil surely recommend. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak
junarome junarome 11/18/17 Excellent seller. Shipped quickly and package arrived safely. Wiil surely recommend. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak
SRahulNayak SRahulNayak 11/17/17 Upfront payment made by him and waited for the package like around 15days as the delay was from my side. Calm and cool guy junarome junarome
SRahulNayak SRahulNayak 11/17/17 Nice person quick and hassle free payment Recommended A+ junarome junarome
reactive012 reactive012 11/17/17 Quick payment nice person to deal with him Recommended A++ junarome junarome
junarome junarome 11/16/17 Excellent seller..Fast shipping..Highly Recommended reactive012 reactive012
Ozzyozwald Ozzyozwald 11/16/17 Great buyer. Prompt payment. Highly Recommended. rahulnever2far rahulnever2far
rahulnever2far rahulnever2far 11/16/17 Great seller... highly recommended! Ozzyozwald Ozzyozwald
Rockysam Rockysam 11/15/17 A+ buyer..quick deal, instant payment MoD MoD
MoD MoD 11/15/17 received in good condition..A1+ seller Rockysam Rockysam
suryavegeta12 suryavegeta12 11/15/17 Good guy to deal with...packaged the game well and shipped quickly. A++ seller TonyMontana TonyMontana
TonyMontana TonyMontana 11/15/17 Fast payment and very responsive. Highly recommend. suryavegeta12 suryavegeta12
WhiteWolf WhiteWolf 11/14/17 Excellent Packaging, Hassle free deal, Recommended! b!T b!T
devvfata1ity devvfata1ity 11/14/17 smooth deal. trustworthy member. disc recd fine. recommended for trading. MegaMav MegaMav