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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Spacescreamer Spacescreamer 02/19/18 Great communication. Quick payment. Definitely would like to deal again. guri_jagat7 guri_jagat7
petey petey 02/16/18 Great member. Quick payment! Fast communication and very smooth transaction. Thank you! coolboyind coolboyind
coolboyind coolboyind 02/16/18 Incredibly responsive, fast shipping, amazing packaging. Great experience all around. petey petey
edept edept 02/16/18 Great seller on all accounts - Fast shipping, accurate product description, highly responsive. 10/10. nishant80 nishant80
nishant80 nishant80 02/16/18 Couldn't have asked for a better buyer, perfect on all fronts, thanks! :) edept edept
guri_jagat7 guri_jagat7 02/16/18 Very understanding and co-operated whenever the need arose. Timely dispatch of the superbly packed game + reg communication made the deal smooth n hassle-free. Def would deal again. Spacescreamer Spacescreamer
kwiksilver kwiksilver 02/13/18 Awesome guy to deal with.. A++++ Buyer diablo diablo
nishant80 nishant80 02/13/18 A+++ buyer, trustworthy, swift funds trf, highly recommended & would definitely deal with again. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 02/13/18 Awesome guy to deal with. Sent item quickly and in excellent packing. Will not hesitate a bit to transact with him again. nishant80 nishant80
pinkmonster pinkmonster 02/13/18 Quick payment. Very smooth and easy transaction. Good communication. Thank you! coolboyind coolboyind
coolboyind coolboyind 02/13/18 Great packing, absolutely no damages or dents. Prompt shipping. Highly recommend. pinkmonster pinkmonster
gecko89 gecko89 02/12/18 Product was shipped fast and was packed extremely well. arjun_sasuke arjun_sasuke
aashay aashay 02/11/18 upfront payment and clear communication Skull Crusher Skull Crusher
ACIDICBRAT ACIDICBRAT 02/10/18 Quickly paid. Great communication. Easy and smooth transaction. Thank you! coolboyind coolboyind
coolboyind coolboyind 02/10/18 super quick shipping & great packing 10/10 ACIDICBRAT ACIDICBRAT
diablo diablo 02/10/18 Great to deal with. Secure packing and prompt shipping. kwiksilver kwiksilver
arjun_sasuke arjun_sasuke 02/09/18 Quick payment and good communication. Hope to deal again :) gecko89 gecko89
yatin509 yatin509 02/09/18 Quick payment, Hassle free deal overall. Highly recommended. Fenix21 Fenix21
Ares Ares 02/09/18 Super quick to ship. Great to deal with. A+ failgunner failgunner
waveking waveking 02/08/18 Deal went smooth..will surely deal in future! Nathan.Drake Nathan.Drake
failgunner failgunner 02/08/18 Super smooth deal. very supportive buyer. very patient. highly recommended. Ares Ares
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 02/07/18 Superb packing, item received in top notch barely used condition, will look good in my collection, will trade again NightTroller NightTroller
kunallkw kunallkw 02/06/18 Quick Shipment. Smooth Deal. A+++ Seller. sushantade sushantade
Skull Crusher Skull Crusher 02/05/18 Easy to deal with. aashay aashay
sushantade sushantade 02/04/18 Great buyer, understands shipping costs money hahaha.. Good deal A+++ kunallkw kunallkw