Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Sun Sunny Sun Sunny 07/20/17 Good buyer. Prompt payment. Will deal again. Jagz Jagz
Jagz Jagz 07/20/17 very nice seller. will deal with him again. Sun Sunny Sun Sunny
zeeman11 zeeman11 07/19/17 Received the game as promised, super responsive and responsible guy- Liked doing business with you sire! kunallkw kunallkw
mightygamer mightygamer 07/18/17 Excellent Seller. Everything was perfect from the product to the packaging. Will surely recommend. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak
Gambt Gambt 07/17/17 Great buyer, Easy to deal! diablo diablo
ashish_vk ashish_vk 07/17/17 Good buyer, quick payment diablo diablo
Abhinav Tuli Abhinav Tuli 07/17/17 Awesome seller. Same day shipping. Bubblewrap used on the inside of the case to protect the disc. A very smooth deal overall. Jagz Jagz
diablo diablo 07/17/17 Great seller and good pricing ashish_vk ashish_vk
SRahulNayak SRahulNayak 07/16/17 Very good buyer, quick payment and smooth overall transaction ! mightygamer mightygamer
younussm younussm 07/16/17 Excellent seller. AAA+++ will surely deal again. Hats off for the packing idea inside disc. rahul vyas rahul vyas
isk isk 07/15/17 Easy to deal with! Communicative! Well packed! Recommended seller! Mystique_Myth Mystique_Myth
ashish_vk ashish_vk 07/12/17 Quick payment and good communication. gecko89 gecko89
gecko89 gecko89 07/12/17 Great seller, fast shipping and great packing ashish_vk ashish_vk
bowser bowser 07/09/17 Good, fast trade. Recommended. spindoctor spindoctor
WhiteWolf WhiteWolf 07/08/17 Great seller, Great packaging, would love to deal again nawaab609 nawaab609
younussm younussm 07/08/17 Excellent seller, would love to deal again nawaab609 nawaab609
Daredevil15 Daredevil15 07/07/17 Quick payment.good communication.will deal again surely. realsoccerdude111 realsoccerdude111
maverickR2D2 maverickR2D2 07/07/17 Hassle free deal, swift $ trf, trustworthy. Highly recommended. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
realsoccerdude111 realsoccerdude111 07/06/17 Prompt reply, quick deal,Received disc in great condition. Daredevil15 Daredevil15
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 07/06/17 Quick shipping! Well packed! Definitely recommended! maverickR2D2 maverickR2D2
deep123 deep123 07/06/17 Great guy. Transferred money on time. No hassles. Would love to deal with again. TheHitman TheHitman
TheHitman TheHitman 07/06/17 PS4: Don Bradman Cricket deep123 deep123
Vip3r Vip3r 07/04/17 Smooth deal, Instant money transfer, Very cooperating buyer Daredevil15 Daredevil15
isk isk 07/04/17 quick payment and hassle free deal nishant872 nishant872
Daredevil15 Daredevil15 07/04/17 Accommodating, prompt and great support. Packaging on point. Courier used trackon which was untrackable for few days Vip3r Vip3r