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batgalactico batgalactico 03/17/18 Great guy, fast shipping, totally buying from him again Aercy Aercy
majima majima 03/17/18 quick payment.recommended . otaku.u otaku.u
Masterjack Masterjack 03/17/18 Great seller amazing pricing highly recommended love to deal with him again mohitjain1112 mohitjain1112
otaku.u otaku.u 03/17/18 Bought Samurai Warriors 4-II from this guy. Super-fast shipping, instant replies, and bullet-proof packaging. Game received in good condition. Probably the best seller on IVG. I’d leave him 10 positive feedbacks if I could. majima majima
SRahulNayak SRahulNayak 03/16/18 great seller, smooth deal! -= L O L =- -= L O L =-
sujoynandi1 sujoynandi1 03/16/18 Great Buyer. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak
Shikhar Gupta Shikhar Gupta 03/16/18 Smooth deal, received the payment instantly. Hassle free deal. MoD MoD
edept edept 03/15/18 Great Guy! Very patient and super quick shipping! Ragnarok_Ruler Ragnarok_Ruler
guri_jagat7 guri_jagat7 03/15/18 Super deal, quick shipping. Game arrived in good condition. majima majima
majima majima 03/15/18 Quick payment, nice conversation, great deal! guri_jagat7 guri_jagat7
guri_jagat7 guri_jagat7 03/14/18 Great seller, fast shipping. Game arrived in good condition. This feedback is for GTA V. majima majima
Ragnarok_Ruler Ragnarok_Ruler 03/14/18 Reliable and nice guy. Speedy payment! Thank you! edept edept
IamMrH IamMrH 03/14/18 Good buyer quick payment. HEMAN HEMAN
HEMAN HEMAN 03/14/18 Excellent Seller. Highly Recommended IamMrH IamMrH
MegaMav MegaMav 03/14/18 Excellent buyer. quick payment, hassel free deal. MoD MoD
rAgHaV rAgHaV 03/13/18 Awesome deal. All done quickly. KJD KJD
SD_2007 SD_2007 03/12/18 Quick Response and fast shipped. Very good experience KJD KJD
KJD KJD 03/12/18 Very fast response, quick payment... Excellent buyer.... super highly recommended.... :D SD_2007 SD_2007
NIKO_SNAKEEATER NIKO_SNAKEEATER 03/12/18 Nice buyer super fast payment A++ mohitjain1112 mohitjain1112
Ripper667 Ripper667 03/12/18 My interaction with Ripper667 was as seamless and hassle-free as I could possibly want. He was very prompt to respond and to commit, and very goodnatured. I look forward to dealing with him again! tracerbullet tracerbullet
tracerbullet tracerbullet 03/12/18 It was an absolutely terrific experience purchasing the XB1 from Nikhil. A really genuine, considerate, polite & friendly seller. Would love to deal again. Highly Recommended !! Ripper667 Ripper667
Aman hunjan Aman hunjan 03/11/18 Great seller. Fast shipping. codwapeace codwapeace
Rhythmthief Rhythmthief 03/11/18 Good seller and nice person to deal with.....Highly recommended!! Toxin Toxin
Aman hunjan Aman hunjan 03/10/18 Recommended seller. Copy of Nier Automata arrived in good condition. He shipped it quickly and communicated regularly. Absolutely no complaints. majima majima
Mystique_Myth Mystique_Myth 03/09/18 Friendly buyer, great communication, quick payment. blaze_madking blaze_madking