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focker focker 04/19/18 Smooth transaction, easy communication. Recommended droidevil droidevil
droidevil droidevil 04/19/18 Patient guy, good packaging. 10/10 focker focker
rahul vyas rahul vyas 04/19/18 Fast payment. Cool person to deal with. Patient and hassle free. ViCK ViCK
ViCK ViCK 04/19/18 Very nice dude to deal with. Great packaging and fast shipping. Will surely deal again...AAA+++ rahul vyas rahul vyas
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 04/18/18 Excellent seller, insanely secure packaging 10/10 would recommend and deal with again DevJk DevJk
hitman47 hitman47 04/18/18 great seller, fast shipping and amazing prices. will deal again. thanks Dark1211 Dark1211
Aercy Aercy 04/17/18 Smooth deal Vignesh R Vignesh R
Masterjack Masterjack 04/16/18 Thanks for the deal!! quixote_1989 quixote_1989
yatin509 yatin509 04/16/18 Excellent seller to deal with. Very prompt delivery. Full marks. renjith renjith
onetwo27 onetwo27 04/16/18 Good buyer. Hassle free transaction codwapeace codwapeace
codwapeace codwapeace 04/16/18 Prompt delivery and neat packaging onetwo27 onetwo27
isk isk 04/13/18 Good guy to deal with. Hassle free communication. Recommended. MoD MoD
guri_jagat7 guri_jagat7 04/12/18 Ignore previous feedback. Deal went smooth. Vignesh R Vignesh R
sameerix sameerix 04/11/18 Great guy. There was a mixup with courier but he was patient about it. Fast payment as well Aercy Aercy
batgalactico batgalactico 04/11/18 10/10. Recommended. Playstationdude Playstationdude
SD_2007 SD_2007 04/11/18 Quick deal. Hassle free patient buyer. BoRa28 BoRa28
gmanu555 gmanu555 04/11/18 Quick Deal. Nice patient Buyer. BoRa28 BoRa28
Aercy Aercy 04/10/18 Smooth, responsive & supportive sameerix sameerix
reactive012 reactive012 04/10/18 Hassle free transaction. Patient buyer :) ViCK ViCK
ViCK ViCK 04/10/18 Good Seller. Nice packing and fast shipping. reactive012 reactive012
XBOX36O XBOX36O 04/10/18 A smooth deal again. The guy is simply great to deal with. batgalactico batgalactico
bowser bowser 04/10/18 Recently both a pile or a various retro stuff, and want to give a big shout-out to the seller. It's huge luck to find someone like this person, who knows so much about the things he's selling and treating it accordingly: the condition of the goods, packaging, communication and support are above everything you can expect. Appreciate this guy and have any deal with him without second thought! AmazingMeerkatz AmazingMeerkatz
Vignesh R Vignesh R 04/09/18 Ignore previous feedback. Deal was good. Quick Payment! guri_jagat7 guri_jagat7
batgalactico batgalactico 04/09/18 Excellent Packing, Quick Shipping, Prompt Replies. XBOX36O XBOX36O
RegeneratorMantis RegeneratorMantis 04/08/18 Awesome seller. Great packaging. Knight Knight