Fuse officially (re)announced

Insomniac Games’ Overstrike has now been officially rebranded as Fuse. It seems the game will be a third person, cover based shooter with co-operative play (wonder where I’ve heard that before) where up to four players can bind together to protect humanity against deadly Alien energy called Fuse.

Fuse is a 4-person co-op, story-driven, action game where even solo players can experience the unique attributes of each agent by using the game’s LEAP feature to switch between the four characters at will during combat. Each agent is equipped with unique skills and weapons not only integral for survival, but that also allows for unexpected and extraordinary results. Experimental Fuse weapons are powered by a volatile alien substance that gives players unique capabilities that expand their strategic options in and out of combat.

Through lethal teamwork, players can complete objectives and kills to earn Fuse points for powerful upgrades. Players can also play online or offline and level up along unique character paths, allowing players to unlock more powerful Fuse-driven abilities as the game progresses. In addition, the game’s progression system is unified between different play modes, allowing players to continue improving their agents regardless of how they play.

This is Insomniac Games’ first multi-platform game and it will be published by EA. It’s expected to release for the Xbox 360 and PS3 March 2013.

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