New survival mode announced for Darksiders 2

THQ yesterday announced a brand new survival mode for Darksiders 2 called The Crucible. According to the game’s official blog, this mode will see Death facing off against waves of increasingly tougher enemies, similar to the Horde mode you’ve seen in most games.

However, after every five levels, players will be given the choice to up and leave with all the loot/prizes they’ve gathered so far. You can then refuse to take the easy way out, man up, and plough through all 100 waves to win some truly epic loot.

Be warned though; if you die, you win nothing. Besides The Crucible mode, players can also jump back into Darksiders 2 with the New Game+ mode where you start the campaign with all the stuff you’ve accumulated in the first playthrough. Of course, to balance it, out the game then gets a lot tougher.

Darksiders 2 releases for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on 21st August 2012.

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