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  • Review: Life is Strange 4th March 2016

    Life is Strange is one of the best story-driven adventure games of the last few years, and coupled with choices that actually matter, an amazing soundtrack, well written story, and great characters, I’m looking forward to seeing what Dontnod does next.Read More

  • Review: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PC) 16th February 2016

    Danganronpa’s PC debut deserves your attention because your 20+ hours in Hope’s Peak Academy are full of plot twists, quality characters, great writing, an amazing soundtrack, and more.Read More

  • Review: Stasis 28th September 2015

    Stasis manages to entertain, disturb, challenge and disgust with equal measure. The story stumbles and some puzzles are tedious, but it is one hell of a scary experience and unlike any other recent horror game.Read More

  • Telltale announces Borderlands crossover, Game of Thrones episodic games 8th December 2013

    Both series are expected to debut in 2014, alongside The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead Season 2.Read More