Review: Super Street Fighter IV

With almost every change counting as a positive improvement and with very little to complaint about, there are enough refinements and rebalancing of fighters to give Super Street Fighter IV its own identity and not let it latch onto that of Street Fighter IV. Of course, this will lead to the death of the online community of the old masterpiece, but it is a worthy sacrifice, and one which has paved way for the next step in the evolution of an already legendary franchise.

Review: Tekken 6

The legendary Tekken franchise makes its latest home console appearance as Tekken 6, a port of the updated arcade machine variant – Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. A solid four years after its last iteration Tekken 5 was released on the PlayStation 2 system (not counting the HD PSN remake for PS3), Tekken 6 unbelievably contains an even bigger roster.

Review: King of Fighters XII

SNK’s King of Fighters (KOF) franchise has been around for an astounding decade and a half, and with a loyal fan-following almost rivalling that of Street Fighter, the latest iteration of the long running fighting series has been anticipated for years as the rebirth of the series, which would finally place it firmly atop the […]

IndianVideoGamer Review: Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter is a name that a surprisingly large number of urban, non-gaming Indians in their late-teens and twenties are familiar with. Whether or not you were a gamer, if you happened to visit a video game parlour when they seemed to be springing up everywhere in the 90s, chances are you tried a bout […]