Microsoft makes Kinect optional for Xbox One; console-only SKU priced same as PS4

Microsoft today announced something fans have been requesting ever since the announcement of Xbox One – the option to buy the console without Kinect bundled in.

Coverage: Xbox 360 Arcade console launch

I am late! That’s the first thing that pops into my head as soon as I wake up. It’s 11:30 and I am supposed to attend the Xbox 360 Arcade launch event at 12:00. I take a quick shower, skip breakfast and I am good to go. As I get there it’s already 12:10 and […]

Event Coverage: Street Fighter IV Launch

The long wait for Street Fighter fans finally came to an end on 20th February with the release of the Street Fighter IV in India. To celebrate the release, Milestone Interactive hosted a launch event in Bangalore with The Living Room playing host. When we reached the venue, we had anticipated a good turnout, but […]

Street Fighter IV launch event in Bangalore

While the Killzone 2 launch event in Mumbai seems an uncertainty, here’s some good new from Bangalore gamers, and particularly, for fans of Street Fighter. Milestone is set to hold a launch event for the latest installment in the iconic beat ‘em up series – Street Fighter IV at The Living Room. And the launch […]

Nintendo Wii and DS set to launch to India

Nintendo, who left Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 shitfaced as it raced into the lead in the console race with the Wii, is finally showing India some love. TheANGRYPixel reports that the Wii is launching in India on September 30 and it will be distributed by Samurai-India, in association with HCL. There have […]