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  2. NG+ Hard+ Until next time GoodBye LOU2 [emoji1317] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. You know the funny part, everyone is busy trying to login to claim WD2 which their server is not letting to instead of watching the stream which the whole point of the giveaway [emoji38] Sent from my ASUS_I001DE using Tapatalk
  4. Abby Day 2. This is simply next level of storytelling. Pacing could have not been better That mid game cliffhanger kept me going as Abby for few hrs but now don't want to rush it. This game drains you. Can't play it non stop like other games. Simply too intense in all ways imaginable.
  5. rAgHaV


    Oh man. PlayStation home beta was crazy. That was like 10yrs back. Ppl who used it regularly genuinely believed in that sh*t. I was super excited to get the beta code You could even show your trophies in your apartment and stuff. With ps4 ram. Home could have been something. Shouldn't have killed it off so brutally.
  6. Phase 1 safety trials take anywhere between months and years. Nobody can fast track safety.
  7. everyone wants free WD2 You can imagine what it's doing to their servers btw even uplay client login not working
  8. Ubisoft IT walas handling their login systems : "WHO IS DOING THIS!? SUCH A LUST FOR WATCHDOGS WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!?!?!?!?!!?!"
  9. Excellent win. What an innings from Blackwood. Deserved a century, got out in a very bad way. The way they held their nerve after losing 4 batsmen in less than 40 runs was awesome..
  10. Blackwood was droppped/reprived thrice Much better umpiring, guess umpires were hungover with no cricket in 1st Innings.
  11. From what I understood, it's only the first phase trial.
  12. WTF I'm so glad i have not seen this in Bangalore. All restaurants are literally empty They should write it now.
  13. Barbeque Oh already answered. And staying in that line helps to get the order early. We were away and it took ours 90 minutes. One man was angry and shouting where is his order, he was told by the staff : why didn't you order on phone and pick it up when ready. (Yes, their lines were busy) He got heated even further : its because of you I am standing here for so long, what can I even do when you are not even picking up the phone. (He was behaving like he was kept there against his will)
  14. According to the reports, the trial STARTED on 18th June. And safety has been established in less than a month ? HOW THE f**k ? Disaster waiting to happen.
  15. The ubisoft website isn't logging me in for some reason and I cant keep myself awake for this. Sleep is more important than free game i guess.
  16. Today
  17. Not sure if you guys do this, but I usually dont grab the remote. I just press the PS button on my dualshock 4, and PS4 and TV both start. Still working. TV switched on, and went into HDMI 1. Unfortunately, no picture with the same updating sign.... Picture and stuff works fine if I'm using my hard drive via USB or Youtube/Netflix/Prime in built apps
  18. I don't think thats possible. When I factory reset, one of the steps is to select a wifi network, so I'm always connected to the net the second the TV switches on. I can try switching off the router after, see if the update loop stops without me interfering. I don't think there's even an update, as I'm all up to date on the firmware, but thanks for the suggestion, I'll try.
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