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  2. The Last of Us Part 3 Is In The Works – Despite What Reports Say According to a new rumor shared by Theleak, The Last of Us Part III is already in development with the PS6 in mind, and of course the PS5 as well, so it shouldn't arrive until the end of the generation. In a recent interview, Neil Druckmann claimed that Sony isn't pushing Naughty Dog into creating The Last of Us Part III, but it appears those claims are untrue. We have rumors about the development of a third game, and the fact that the budget depends on the success of the show, but these rumors are not yet guaranteed. Neil Druckmann had also previously stated that a story line had been written. Now, our source at Sony (who previously leaked the first information about the PS5 Slim) has confirmed that it is indeed in development. Internally Sony classifies the title as "in progress" with Naughty Dog as developer, and the game is categorized as a Playstation 5 release, with "Playstation 6 in mind"
  3. Ended up getting Nothing phone 1 because of the boxy design. Pretty good so far.
  4. I am more interested in open world aspect than combat though. Hopefully it's really massive and not like ubisoft.
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  6. https://v.redd.it/o0bdsmmojkga1
  7. So you can do the three unforgivable curses too?
  8. Please share the best deal you know for pre-ordering Hogwarts Legacy PS5 disc
  9. Anyone used credit from Apple gift cards to buy Apple One subscription?
  10. Deluxe edition only available for PS4 on GTS Does the game have upgrade option for PS5?
  11. IGN added this side note on their review. 👏
  12. Gaf memes are gold. ERA right now
  13. +1. Looks like the wait since the very first gameplay leak all those years ago will be worth it.
  14. Reset era on suicide watch
  15. 0verlord

    Tekken 8

    Nina Williams has become thiccc-ker than when she starred in Death by Degrees
  16. A certain forum right now.
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