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    I read somewhere that physical sales tanked in the 2nd week. Not sure though, take it with a grain of salt.
  3. Exactly! I have the trilogy on origin and it doesn’t come with dlc. So f**king dumb.
  4. Btw the article this Twitter user quoted is from aug 2020
  5. More on this. The YouTuber who started this 1080p 60fps has backtracked after being called out by the Dev https://mobile.twitter.com/THEREALRTU/status/1393259975133310979
  6. Kyun? Boss spencer naraz hai kya tere performance se. Direct baat kariyo smjha...
  7. This isn't official statement as it seems but if there are 2 mods the 60fps will have lower res and visual quality. Still I'm positive that insomniac will do a good job at serving both mods appropriately.
  8. Maybe but the 60fps version will probably won't have RT too. 3rd person shooter so 60fps will be hard to ignore. But also don't want to give up on that visuals. If to go with 1080p they got to give some massive dynamic super res magic to this.
  9. It’s not even confirmed. This guy (clearly an Xbot) basis his retweets. He is quoting this article : https://pureplaystation.com/ratchet-clank-on-ps5-supports-30fps-mode-and-60fps-mode/2020/08/ “In an interview with Famitsu, the developers confirmed this but didn’t state what the resolution drop would be. It could be down to 1080p (HD) or it could be anywhere between that and true 4K” Nowhere has it been confirmed. Very similar to some other twitter “insider” saying RE village wasn’t hitting 60 on ps5
  10. Ok bol diya maine Satya aur Modi ko. Should be sorted soon. Ok
  11. Straight up pulls a knife out at the end of Ramadan 😂. Feels like they hardly talk in English.
  12. Heaven Angel


    Matchmaking not good. Sends us to randos which are playing story or side quests and not worth the effort for the loot you get.
  13. Even Spiderman MM is 1200p at 60 fps in performance RT. Insomniac's temporal injection method is really good. Let's see what they can do.
  14. If a patient has been diagnosed by a doctor then they are counting it as covid. If the only basis was a test result and self isolation then it's up for a toss.
  15. I'd rather buy for PS then. Why pay more? Tell Xbox to bring proper top-up cards. Their payment portal sucks!
  16. Yeah true . Have heard about this a lot . Also if some one dies in home isolation from covid is also missed out in the official count right ? Only those who die in hospital from covid are counted as covid death and reported I think .
  17. WazirX was acquired by Binance in 2019. Its definitely legit. But their site is nowhere near as good as Binance, quite basic in comparison. It becomes unresponsive when there's high volume of growth, and the app is a mess.
  18. Sad.. if this is true then I'd be tough to choose. Fkuc
  19. Heaven Angel


    Not concrete data is given yet but it was still on top 5 in many regions. Not as strong compared to other exclusives because of reasons but pretty decent for a brand new IP and developers. I'd say devs made a massive jump with Returnal and no doubt they made a fantastic game.
  20. My friends younger brother got covid . They had isolated him the first day he got high fever (102! degrees I think ) and got his test done next day . Result came 2 days later . No one else in the family got covid . It's a family of 4 .. his younger brother has recovered since. And out of isolation as well .
  21. Apart from under reporting, a death is only being marked as covid if it's a direct consequence. For example if a patient recovers from Covid but ends up dying by after effects of pneumonitis which may have been covid induced or exaggerated by covid, it won't be counted as a covid death. I saw this happening myself.
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