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  2. I don't think Spice or Wave carry subtitles. However, had no issues with DS2. I'll anyway head over to Wave. Haven't tested the recline tbh. Seats are OK, heck Noida IMAX has many broken seats, and for those they're charging 800 bucks. No movie is worth 800-1000 bucks for a normal seat.
  3. I done with the game. Was a great experience would not have tried it if not were for the IVG library. Let me know who wants it next. Thanks @fatpigeon for the game let me know when I need to send it back to you if no one replies.
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  5. Do you have GPU's in stock at better prices than before.
  6. True none of them deserve any award . Also after some 50 years of Mahatma Gandhi's death - Nobel prize community admitted they made a huge mistake in overlooking him for peace prize award . And then later gave the award to Obama - absolutely ridiculous.
  7. Phil Spencer creating baby Shill Spencers on the internet as “XboxAmbassadors” to promote his agenda & delude ppl into forgetting what he has been doing to actual gamers since 2013 now. hahaha,kamal duniya hai bhai.
  8. Atleast I’m a gamer & have 3 dozen games played during the last 2 year timeline. What’s happening up at the toxic Xbot Shill community is quite frankly blasphemously hilarious :-
  9. Quite frankly, neither of these guys deserve any award. Remember - these guys are competing for the same award that was given to the likes of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. The award which was not even given to Mahatma Gandhi - who literally pioneered the Non-Violent Resistance Movement. Both of these guys are "Jokers" in the name of Global Peace. But if Obama has to be given this prize at all, then Trump should get one too. Obama caused major international wars, and Trump caused Domestic ones. Both Prime Candidates for "Bringing Peace Upon The World" I'm sure.
  10. We need that rule. No entry in PS5 thread without PS5. Same goes for SX thread
  11. Go finish your backlog and come back when you have a ps5 so that you can be on the same page as all ps5 owners in their praise and criticism. I wish There was a way to make this thread only open to new current gen console and pc owners without bias members who have no skin in the game.
  12. Yeah a president who incites violence and provokes his supporters to go and attack US Capitol / Oversaw one of the worst attacks by police on peaceful protesters / Somehow managed to make an average US white male to be more racist than they already were - should get a Nobel peace prize .
  13. Yep that is happening on it’s own & you or me can’t really change that. Sadly for you & few others I know. So much fake agenda but still PS on top every month.(unless supply crunch)
  14. Again you are thinking as a shareholder and not voting from your wallet as a consumer. Let people decide how they want to spend their hard earned money. Phela banda delka hai jo promote karta hai zada paisey karchney ko aur phir khudh woh cheeze may koi investment nahi karta. Gyan dena bundh kar ,kissi ney manga nahi hai . I mean wtf !!! Edit :
  15. Nothing to do with what the tweet says. She has been facing substance abuse problems for a long time
  16. ^^See this is exactly what I mean So this guy is giving exactly the opposite counter argument just coz it M$ & he likes freebies. Any new iteration will break the community instead of bringing it together & it’s a historically known fact. Specially when old ones are already 4k @ 60fps locked with upgraded textures.
  17. Gears is primarily a multiplayer game. A remake will bring community together to play it. Remake won't bring much to the table otherwise, just a new packaging. It's different from SP games, especially great ones. I have great memories of certain games and feels bad to be playing a different interpretation of same game.
  18. Until & unless one has much cheaper backdoors,they won’t be the same. But yeah it’s fully expected to change if & when M$ rolls out games from acquired studios.
  19. I am not talking about individuals & I usually never do. (unless someone tags me personally repeatedly). In general the toxic & delusional atmosphere the bots have created has even gone 10 folds thanks to the Langar Only lovers (who purposely despise the traditional way of purchase cos some other stuff is free) joining hands with the old bots. Without giving a second thought this union sets ablaze the entire internet on each & every thing that Sony (& only Sony) does. There are n number of tactics every business house uses to create immediate revenue & pin pointing only one from trying to make money is quite a shameful & brainless act. M$‘s history of conferences where they put together concepts & dates prematurely is also a tactic to generate money immediately with more ppl joining the brand in high hopes. Quite frankly is the worst of them all. Ppl supporting their favourite publishers like Rockstar,Capcom,EA,505 on exactly the same things they are despising Sony for. I mean wtf!!! But as all the polls & sales figures show Playstation is still on the top & the vocal minority on internet doesn’t matter. They’ll keep on getting embarrassed by their own words like the case in point above.
  20. Thats even worse, Levato was hot af, not too long ago
  21. Obama got Nobel Peace prize after Arab Springs, which brought destruction in 3 countries and created ISIS. Trump contained NaKo, got Abraham Accord, crushed ISIS and Iran's state sponsored terrorism. He actually should have 2 or may be 3 Nobels.
  22. Its was already announced in jan when extraction came to GP day 1 ,probably a june showcase announcement. Ea play will come to ps subscription too for sure. Both the subs will be same with original content driving them in the future.
  23. Thanks KC.. No hopes this year. 5th place most likely lol
  24. Not sure if this is the correct place. Asking for a friend. He just bought s22 ultra and is looking for bluetooth ear buds. which ones should he go for? 1. Sony - 1000XM4 2. Bose - quietcomfort/soundsport 3. Samsung - Galaxy Buds 2 from price perspective there is a huge diff, but he willing to spend more if sony/bose will give better experience with seamless connectivity.
  25. You clearly didn't read my posts.
  26. Oh so now it’s ok for one side to revisit old title again in the name of tech assessment but not the other. How do you know ND is not remaking it to get used to the newer version of the engine?!? Kya baat hai Kya baat hai. Until & unless the same sworn losers who brought down the whole internet with flame bait about TLOU R don’t do the same for this project,they will be labelled fanboys & rightly so.
  27. Ubisoft Netherlands. Ubisift plus on game pass soon. EA +ubi on one service to rule them all.
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