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  2. I feel there is some issue on WiFi on PA for sure. During PS3 era I used to download through PSdownloader, if you remember the trick. PS4 I couldn’t do that thing, and I still have issue with speed.
  3. i get close to 300mbps on my ps4 (wifi) which is my max.
  4. I have wired Pro and it nearly caps at 100Mbps which is the max speed. Everything in my house except the mobile phone is wired, even the TV and Switch. Wireless is devil's tech and I'd rather avoid all the headaches.
  5. Too many over his PS4 had. On wired or wireless? My PS4Pro never gets max speed or even 50% on wireless while other devices get 70-90%. Also, the issue is with PS5 download and not PS4Pro. Lots of people are reporting battery life. Requiring to turn down rumble/turn off haptic feedback.
  6. Refreshing the XSX product page every day has now been replaced with refreshing the order details page everyday. f**ckin pathetic.
  7. Need to justify his salary for that day
  8. Can confirm, the app has the option to change shipping address.
  9. dylanjosh


    "Its like if Donald Trump became a level designer"
  10. "Too many" in title but mentions only 3 in article. Download speed: Weird coz I get full speed as per my bandwidth on PS4Pro. It slows down only when I'm simultaneously playing a game. Copying: This is so f*cking annoying, thought Cerny mentioned this will be gone stepping into next gen. Hate waiting for 'copying' to finish despite the patch being just a few hundred MBs big. Shame on Sony, there's no disk involved, why do we still have this? Battery Life: They actually almost doubled the battery size, I'm assuming it counters the haptic feedback and adaptive trigger needs, I'm ok with this, at least its not worse than current gen. Author doesn't mention how many hours he got either.
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  12. Joe Cool

    Hitman 3

    Improved lighting and reflections Overhauled effects (water etc) Improved animations More NPCs on display 4K/60FPS/HDR on new consoles and PC Hitman 1&2 will get the same enhancements through Hitman 3
  13. Disagree. People just saying that because of Bethesda purchase and their games not added to PC GP yet. They will get eventually but outside that, PC GP has been great.
  14. I can imagine @hope calling his sources and asking- "saale aayega na new kal pakka?"
  15. Ah then let @Big Boss have it. My amazon order scheduled for 2 jan so not much difference.
  16. Joe Cool


    More buggy than FO76 Campaign worse than vanilla Destiny Loot worse than Anthem Perfect trifecta
  17. Joe Cool

    Cyberpunk 2077

    This. Witcher 3 had awful amount of markers on the map. Yes, optional but still counts. Skellige map was completely ruined with amount of shite ? stuff. Don't forget the copy pasted stuff too. People keep forgetting how much of the stuff was repeated in Witcher 3. However, the game wasn't wrapped around it nor forced the players. The characters and story was engaging enough to ignore the side mediocre activities.
  18. FEs are great. Improved a lot since first launch. The gap is so little compared to AIB variants and for the price over FE it is not worth it. ASUS dropped the ball this time. The TUF did well but they stopped making to favor their more expensive STRIX card which is still not available. The FE vs TUF difference is ~2-4 FPS while the price gap is big to justify. EVGA and MSI has done better than ASUS this time when it comes to performance. Zotac as usual at the bottom (not really that bad but ~2fps slower than FE). But still none of them are worth $100-200+ more over FE. Get whichever is the cheapest. They are all good.
  19. If there was a good enough stock of these super cheap reference cards it would have made everyone happy because then only people who actually want a triple fan model would buy the expensive cards instead of people rushing to buy whatever is available. Also the genuine deal is to buy the cheapest card in an available tier. Example it’s a better deal to buy the cheapest bone stock 3070 than it’s to buy a strix 3070 which costs as much as a bone stock 3080. The fancy AIB and bone stock el cheapo cards have a max difference of 2-4%. Makes absolutely no sense to pay 10-20k more for 2% improvement in performance. Yeah they have better cooling and rgb but end of the day given the prices in India who cares about that. Performance is the king. There is a yt channel called tech deals which compares el cheapo cards with the big boy cards if the same chip and the results speak for themselves. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Due to high demand. People are willing to spend large sum of money over FE (which is not available) to get it.
  21. dylanjosh

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Witcher 3 was not bloat free. There were sooo many question marks. By the time the game got to Skellige I was really tired of exploring.
  22. Yes I am also surprised by this. Usually the trend is Inno, Colorful, Galax etc cards are priced below FE and the big names like Gigabyte, Asus are priced above FE
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