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  2. And that's the worry that should always be front and center.
  3. I'm assuming it's using one of those digital vouchers or USD top up cards to your wallet.
  4. Pretty much true .. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. How? Its unavailable on Indian psn and US psn requires a CC to be linked even if you need ro activate the free trial. Afaik Indian CC dont work on US store.
  6. You buy it on your US account. Make it primary and then download stuff. I have an one year sub. Working flawlessly Hope we actually get some news in first week of octomber then
  7. MS already said to enjoy games and not bother about all this.
  8. No one is ready to believe that now for short term fruits but they don’t realise that linear campaign based games will die as soon as subscriptions kick in
  9. I tried trial once & it said not available in your country
  10. Subscription pricing and mentality is going to fk over a lot of developers that make specific type of non-gaas AAA games. Like Capcom for eg who makes 10-12 hours SP only games. Imagine if RE8 is 10 hours long, costs $70 and nobody buys it because lol who buys games anyway? RIP Resident Evil & DMC, welcome more Monster Hunter.
  11. This so much. I really want to get Death Stranding on Steam but can't justify that price.
  12. SSDs and RAM don't really have a big markup here like other computer parts. Dunno what the logistic is but a $150 SSD should cost maybe $160 here. Different story with proprietary drives though.
  13. Everyone: XBOX is too confusing Sony: Hold my Saké
  14. You can download and play PS4 catalogue of games. No PS2 or PS3 games though which work through cloud
  15. Looks like that's gonna be the case. On the bright side, expandable SSD should be easy to carry on flights unlike an entire console that weighs 3-4kilos, get a traveling relative or a friend to buy one.
  16. They will come on gamepass 1st day ... they didn’t just spend 7.5 billion for nothing... Sony Microsoft are same , they only care about bottom line ... we get best deals from them when they are losing ... and Microsoft lost last gen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. CLIA - Tests Total Ab (IgM + IgG) CMIA - Tests IgG only If anybody undergoes RAT, preferably go through both these tests. Most labs will give you an option for both. They would generally check CLIA first - if that's negative - you have no ABs. If CLIA is +ve, they will recheck the sample of IgG via CMIA. If IgG is positive, that means you have a past infection (anywhere between 2 weeks - some months old), and you *might not* be shedding the virus anymore (can't be sure though). It does mean that you have delayed ABs in your blood, and you are most likely immune to the disease for short term. If CLIA is +ve, and CMIA is -ve, that means you have IgM in your blood, which signifies recent infection, and you should get a RTPCR done for final diagnosis. Central govt has mandated that now RTPCR can be done without a prescription, but some states like UP (MOTHERf**kER YOGI) have not implemented it. Infact, we don't even have home quarantine in UP. Only institutional quarantine. Beat that !
  18. They have no reason to. Their games & consoles fly off the shelf regardless. That's the benefit of being the market leader. +1 on this. I mostly transitioned away from full price purchases this gen. Replayability isn't a factor for me and if I've played a game on Gamepass and enjoyed it but it gets taken off, I get just get it the next time there's a sale for a fraction of the price.
  19. Well keep your PS4 & get the XSX, enjoy the backlog of games u missed all these years that too with Nextgen feel. I will have both consoles so won't miss on anything but given the choice the XSX & PS4 Pro is a good way to start till 2022, where you can then get PS5 for cheaper price on some black friday deals ;-)
  20. Buy SeriesX only when Bethesda games or any of the other touted XBox exclusives are actually out day1 on GamesPass don’t fall for them just yet always remember this is M$ you are dealing with I can name 20-30 games in xbox brand’s life cycle that were announced as full time exclusives & later either got canned or showed up on PS within a year f**k software these guys have made a fool of ppl when it comes to hardware & technology too Selling Natlol & Clowd powah lol Even I am inclined towards M$ after Bethesda news but won’t jump the gun until I finally see it play out as touted
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