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  2. Yeah. The post credits scene is bonkers. Amazing realism.
  3. It is advertised to prevent infection in 95% cases, Pfizer did that.
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  5. Copies are with @Krazyniksand @fatpigeon. One of them will ship to you.
  6. I am currently playing Max Payne 3 and Uncharterd 2 on PS3, Skyrim The Elder Scroll on PC, X Files with PS emulator and Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex with PS 2 emulator.
  7. ... Vaccination is not meant to prevent people from contracting the disease. It's meant to weaken the effects.
  8. Tbh, they remastered the original for this release.
  9. This is better option. Virat doing what he does best. Controlling the chase & the innings. Sky doing well at no 4. Will not change this.
  10. Motherf**kers do this all the f**king time. Apparently, it is kind of a scam but I forgot the details.
  11. So it seems flippykart is cancelling iPhone 13 orders, people are pissed
  12. Heya Do u still have the copy? Or rather is either of the copy available? Need quick delivery Ik this I can keep this for a month at least but I don't have that long. So let me know. @Krazyniks @piper @fatpigeon
  13. Stupid from both Rahane & Jaiswal. Jaiswal should have had common sense to listen to his captain. Rahane also being stupid. Should back your player, not ridicule him in public. Also, Captain should command respect & be leader specially from a junior player.
  14. I thought of buying Amazon echo for 4000/- at the beginning of the sale. Now it shows 7000/- more than its regular price. Maybe I need to wait for diwali sale
  15. Avatar looks so good even today, latest movies with finest of vfx will pale in comparison, best 3d experience ever. also the post credit scene is just next level, if you are impressed by the original you will be blown away by the next one. ps: there were quite a few high frame rate scenes but they were not more than 2-3 seconds long at a stretch. The characters and environment looked super realistic in those scenes.
  16. What are your suggestions for investors from now on ? Keep investing in bits and pieces during dips , in good companies in the sectors you mentioned above ? Or in Index funds like Niftybees ? Also keen to know your thoughts on the Euro vs the Rupee.
  17. According to this, they've already been selling this in Asia? Does that mean the one we get in India is the 6nm version?
  18. You must understand, people who talk about good for gamers also started by actively supporting locking multiplayer behind paywalls. f**k multiplayer even stuff like Netflix that you were already subscribed to was locked behind a paywall. That was great for gamers.
  19. Just bought lionsgate play from prime, how do I login to lionsgate app separately? Am I bound to watch only through prime?
  20. i agree on both, Kratos may be fast but his core ability is strength. Put this way that he also has a mastery in combat so playing as him needs good reflexes otherwise you're no match. But he getting down in 2 to 3 hits isn't acceptable. Dude has killed Titans single-handedly. No way he's out in few blows.
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