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  2. I got slots for 29th March in Apollo for parents. There were hardly slots before this anywhere. I checked for a while.
  3. I skipped all cutscenes and almost all human encounters and few infected encounters.Listen mode works on Grounded which makes going around enemies easy plus it was not my 1st playthrough. I did grounded run with all my max upgrades in NG+ Rat king was pain. Died 7 times. But per chapter perma death made it bearable. Encounters which forces combat are hardest and chances of dying very high. I used few strategies used by this dude in his videos. Bottles are op in Tlou 2, you can distract them forever by throwing them in different directions.lol Stealth is really good in Tlou 2.. See his channel. He skips almost all encounters lol
  4. Kick a*s turn out today boys !! @skdMrk @quixote_1989 First to show up last to leave @El Tigre Chino EvoZaniac - You practiced really well, well played @adity @Heaven Angel Welcome to the Club, get some new cars and level up @Keyofx @0verlord the usual suspects, need you guys to hang around more @WhatsInTheName Papi - still playing Injustice 2 ? @Jigsaw Mast DJ ka kaam kiya
  5. Majority of the races I was on the podium unlike @quixote_1989 who was pixel counting the spectators like DF
  6. Xbox Wireless or Nothing Already have a PS Platinum headset which I have used 5 hours overall..
  7. Also the 600 down to 11k. @Assassins Creed ab toh le le https://www.amazon.in/dp/B083X24CFS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_TBV5NW15WD3PZAK8GA26
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  9. JBL Quantum 800 Wireless available for 14K at Amazon.
  10. App is only for administrators. Government clarified it. Website should be used for registration and it works fine.
  11. The newer models should arrive in India by July/Aug. That is usually what happens every year. Then why release CX 48 now .... 4-5 months before new line-up?
  12. Humble Choice March is up •Control •XCOM: Chimera Squad •ELEX •Kingdom Two Crowns •WWE 2K Battlegrounds •Hotshot Racing •Peaky Blinders: Mastermind •Cyber Hook •Pesterquest •Wildfire •Boreal Blade •Ageless If anyone wants to buy Control Steam/EGS code, let me know. I don't need it as I already have it.
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    Mediatonic Joins The Epic Games Family
  14. The newer models should arrive in India by July/Aug. That is usually what happens every year.
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