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  2. Series S From (Resetera) Incredible work from Asobo.
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  4. Gameplay Screenshots from Free Flight Mode. Tried visiting Asia / Europe / Middle East continent locations but cannot enjoy them with night condition. 1) Circuit of the Americas 2) Golden Gate Bridge 3) HOLLYWOOD How to point exact coordinates? 1) Go to google search and type "exact coordinates of Place Name" 2) In the game, Main Menu > World Map > Select Search (Below the plane pic) 3) Type in the coordinates of location from step 1. (eg: 30.1346° N, 97.6359° W) and press the menu button. 4) The coordinates should pop up in custom. Click on it and it shoud load up the location. 5) Again click on custom and select Set As Arrival. 6) Select Fly > Read to Fly Now the plane will spwan right on top of the custom location/coordinates.............Enjoy the view!!
  5. First Norman posts pic with Robbie from SH3 in it, now BlueBox pic shows blurred pic of some guy in an eyepatch?! Are we getting both Silent Hill Remake and MGS Remake?! or maybe Solidus?! or Majima?!
  6. Other Chinese phones are also doing this. This is the first time OP is also doing this and all because of the merger with OPPO. Nord 2 still looks like a good choice and bang for the buck. Even if scores less than other realme, OPPO phones etc. I would take a OP device any day. The concern for privacy is genuine though. Very genuine!
  7. And you can't do that. The leftover quantity is because of the extra filling to counter volume variation but it's not guaranteed that it will have the requisite amount of the viral vectors present as well. Anyway, as a protocol, pooling of leftover quantities is not to be done.
  8. I guess the CM very specifically said that they are pooling the leftover qty of vaccine after giving exact 10 doses from a single vial.
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.livemint.com/news/india/covishield-reduced-covid-infection-by-93-during-2nd-wave-mortality-by-98-centre-says-quoting-study/amp-11627386446595.html
  10. Is there a way to remove the bottom floating bar on the villain theme? It just showed up now and I don't want it.
  11. I have seen the videos now which I mentioned last time I hadn’t SX drops frames consistently even outside chaotic scenes Like normal stealth action & water intense areas Though if you have a VRR display these sections will play smoother & you’ll notice drops only in chaotic areas Otherwise PS5 version should be preferred,softer resolution but no hiccups
  12. a few (or lot??) dropped frames in a few chaotic scenes vs noticeable improvement in sharpness for the full length of the game - which is better? Last time you said XSX, now PS5. What's the right answer?
  13. I like it. Won't capture the original movie but this looks good enough for the newer generation to see Ghostbusters. I don't like how it is trying to make Ghostbusters some epic legacy stuff though. It was just a goofy sci-fi comedy movie while this looks way too serious. The effects look nice though. Looking forward to it.
  14. Checkerboard 4K & Native 4K is a lot of difference bro Obviously for someone not enthu enough even 1080p vs 4K won’t matter But yeah the preferred version in this case ends up being the PS5 coz SX drops a lot of frames if you don’t have a VRR display
  15. this was in context of a previous conversation a few days back and it was regarding which version to buy - ps5 or xsx, in case someone has both consoles and opportunity to buy the game on both consoles. Here, only 2-3 simple points being considered to make the decision. Also, you do notice a difference in sharpness on TVs of size 65 inch and above - lower resolution or (bad) checkerboarding is immediately noticeable. So, there is no console war here. Only advice is being taken about a purchase decision.
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