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    Just got my punisher figure from hot toys delivered.Been wanting to get this for a while since I loved the show Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
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    Gaming rig after about 10 years. - R5 3600 - Gigabyte Aorus X570 Pro - Gigabyte 2070 Super Gaming OC - 8x2 3000Mhz GSkill Trident RGB - 500GB Samsung Evo 860 - 2TB Seagate Barracuda - LG 24MP59G 75Hz - CM NR600 case - Antec EAG650 pro Gold - CM Masterkeys Pro L (MX Cherry Brown) - Logitech G102 @ALPHA17 Thanks a ton for all your suggestions!
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    Orient "Midori" Bambino (From Creationwatches, Singapore)...
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    Was looking for a soundbar, but decided to go for one of the big daddies of active 2.1 setups: Impeccable packing, quality, heft and sound quality.
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    Finally PC done. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took our jerseys out after 18 months as had given up on playing due to injury, now looking to have one more go. Edit : Found all except one and studs are missing too.
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    One of my most awaited games this year
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    Shadowfall is a good way to begin your day. It's so bad that everything after that will feel good. The world will be all rainbows and sunshine.
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    Dekhte hain what is the fuss all about. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    A pic I took in Mcloedganj last week.
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    New personal best for distance cycled to get video games : 45 KM's. Had to get siren blood curse, had been on the radar from long, others were cheap casualties to make it more worthwhile. Cost : 1000 for the four PS3 games from a very dark remote area : a Playstation parlour attached to a kirana shop where 4 player Urban Reign was being played and with a huge poster of San Andreas cheat codes on the wall. Sent from my ASUS_X01BDA using Tapatalk
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    And here is the other one - @Black_Hawk Thanks for the aliexpress nato strap tip mate. Came in today and the quality is really fantastic. Ridiculously good considering the price.
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    Finslly an announcement of some interest from Gamescom (At least to me) Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 collection announced for PS4 Western release. Gameplay at 1080p/60 fps. Although you can buy the collection as a whole, game will be released one at a time - Yakuza 3 - Slated for today, so any time now Yakuza 4 - October 29, 2019 Yakuza 5 - February 11, 2020 Collection is already available to purchase on UK PSN, so I expect Indian PSN to put up the store page soon. Game will be available only digitally for now, but Sega has announced a physical version that will contain all 3 games. The physical version will release on Feb 11, 2020 alongside Yakuza 5 release and will cone with 2 discs. One disc for Yakuza 3 and 4 and the 2nd disc for Yakuza 5. The physical collection will also come in a Steelbook case with 2 disc holders. It will also have a PS3 Yakuza 5 case to complete your PS3 Collection (Yakuza 5 was a digital only release on PS3). The trade-off of course is that you will be waiting till 2020 to play Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4. Source: https://www.thesixthaxis.com/2019/08/20/yakuza-remaster-collection-3-4-5-ps4-europe-us/ Now Yakuza 3 original on the PS3 had cut content on the Western Release (For ex. The Hostess Club, Mahjong, Japanese History Quiz etc. was cut on PS3 Western Release). We have no idea whether the cuts are still there. It should not be as all later games had no cut content. But still it might be prudent to wait for repirts to come in. Also hope they translate the mangas (actual real life ones) from Yakuza 5 comic book shops. This was in Japanese on the PS3.
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    Sent from my Mi A2 using Tapatalk
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    Been wanting to purchase the Razer Huntsman Elite for quite a while and I finally pulled the trigger. Quite expensive but hopefully worth it and it will last me long. My current mouse Logitech G602 is an awesome one and still running strong but figured I go within the same line up, so switched that too. Some movies and gadgets from the recent Amazon Prime Day sale in America. That combo of 4K Firestick + Echo Dot 3rd gen was $20. Killer deal, so ended up buying two of them. I've also been eying on the Mission Impossible 4K collection and the Jack Ryan 4K collection. Finally got them along with few others, good prices on all these. I didn't need a phone but the Razer Phone 2 was pretty much an impulse buy as a back up because of the 120Hz screen. That Chroma LED on the back of the phone is pretty cool but I'm guessing it drains the battery?
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    Sacred Games 2 new release time is 12am IST on August 15 Netflix originals usually release at 12am PDT (12:30pm IST) Midnight IST release brings Netflix in line with Prime Video
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    A bit disappointed that I couldn't get the 65" model, but the price was too good to leave it. Time to rewatch both the parts
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    I am Mother on Netflix. Highly recommended. One of the finest sci-fi films I've seen this year.
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    Releasing with Japanese audio and English subs. Holy sh*t! This makes me so happy!
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    Got the Earfun Free - Olav Edition TWS from their Indiegogo campaign. Coming from about 4 different TWS, these are just f**king amazing ! I have tried most TWS from the budget champion QCY QS2, Airdots (absolute sh*t in front of QCY) to Bose Soundsport and Jabra 65t, and these sit right at the top. Connection is much better than Jabra, and the call quality is absolutely clear, both for me and the person on the other line. Earbuds are mostly tuned for mids, with solid but non booming bass. Good treble too. Soundstage is wider than the others I've listened to. Fun sound quality. The charging case is USB C and wireless charging powered, and gets you an additional 24 hours of time. On full charge, the buds give about 6 hours of music time. 1st set of TWS on which I don't feel the need to put any Comply tips. Highly recommended for anybody looking for a pair of TWS. Much more value than buds costing 3 times it's price. Got it for 49 USD during the campaign period.
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    West End Queen Ann This is from the very early WWI era. The West End Queen Ann was a part of the Official Uniform gear for the Indian Army serving in the First World War in the early 1900's. This was issued to the Army who traveled from Bombay to the Persian Gulf to reach Mesopotamia back then. Yes it's jaded now but I absolutely love wearing this from time to time. A solid slice of History on the wrist!
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    The model of the watch is: Orient Bambino Version 4 Automatic FAC08002F0 I'm leaving you with 3 Links each with it's own pro's and con's which I will highlight: I. Orient Watches India - Bambino Green Dial The above link is from Orient Watches India. They are good to deal with and I have bought from them before in the past without problems. They use DTDC Priority shipping. Problem however is two-fold: The model is seldom in stock on their website and also the stiff price of almost 19k! II. Orient Bambino V4 Green Dial - CreationWatches Singapore The above link is from Creation Watches Singapore. They have the best available prices. Problem is Indian Customs and the associated Customs Duty. I always choose the option "Registered Airmail (Without Watch Box, with watch pouch, 10-14 days worldwide)". The watch will come well packed and in velvet pouch with layers of bubble wrap inside a plastic bag as is used in normal shipment, secured. It takes longer but I feel it's better than the other option of having to deal with DHL and their high Customs Clearance and Handling fees. With Registered Airmail the shipment will arrive through Singapore Post and then subsequently India Post and you can track the shipment on both Singapore Post website and India Post website. Should the shipment get stuck at Indian Customs (it might slip the duty hammer as well!) with status updates like "Invoice Missing" or "CN22/23 Missing or Inappropriate" you will have to email your local Customs Office (Google should get you their email ID) the invoice of payment and the actual payment statement for the watch. You can even call your Local Customs Office or visit them for assistance. This will get your shipment released from Customs quicker, but with 42% duty levied. In my case this is what happened. I paid Rs.3656/- as Customs Duty. The Postman will collect it from you at the time of delivery of the parcel. You will not get to know the amount till the Postman shows up. (If you have any additional questions regarding Customs Duty please do ask, if I know I will surely help). If you happen to choose DHL, well then the Duty levied along with their handling charges will be higher. You will however get your shipment earlier and they will clear Customs for you. You will however need to send them the documents as per their request for Indian Customs clearance process. Orient Bambino Green Dial - Amazon US The above link is from Amazon US but as you will see unfortunately they don't ship the green dial variant of the Bambino Version 4 to India. However, they do ship the blue dial and grey dial variants. Should you be inclined to getting those dial color variants then Amazon US do offer Amazon Global Priority Shipping. Amazon will handle Customs for you and they take an amount of money in advance for the Duty (which they call "Import Fees Deposit) along with your Identity proof documents which they need for Customs Clearance. The price should be around 16k (Amazon Global Priority Shipping & Import Fees Deposit included). Hope this helps! Good luck and the green variant is a remarkably beautiful watch. I have received a lot of compliments on it in the last few days of wearing it. Also, a word on Customs Duty... it's one of those things. Paid and best forgotten. In my years of watch purchasing I have paid significant amounts of Duty but eventually the beauty of a timepiece always wins me over and makes me cherish each and every piece in it's own right. Cheers my friend
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    got my copy as well
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    Did you guys not see the post credits scene where Nick Fury recruits Simba and Nala into the Avengers? Lion King is a phase-4 MCU movie. Even Mowgli is going to be in the next Avengers.
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    Forget games just try vr porn, you will be blown away.
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    So here is one of the two HMT's I am currently rotating at work. Need a better strap tho. :/
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    Join Geoff Keighley (The Game Awards) live at gamescom for Opening Night Live, a 2 hour showcase of upcoming games and announcements. With an appearance by Hideo Kojima, and world premiere content on Death Stranding, Gears 5, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Need for Speed Heat, Borderlands 3, and more to be announced. EA will show Need for Speed Heat / FIFA 20 gameplay and likely reveal next chapter in Plants vs. Zombies series. Possibly Jedi: Fallen Order gameplay too. Ubisoft will show Ghost Recon Breakpoint, upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege, and Roller Champions. In addition, you can watch a live theater gameplay demo of Watch Dogs Legion along with new content from Just Dance 2020, Trials Rising, and Brawlhalla from our booth stage. Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have also confirmed Marvel's Avengers will be playable at Gamescom this year, with the Marvel's Avengers full gameplay demo set to be released publicly after Gamescom. THQ Nordic is bringing three unannounced games to Gamescom 2019. A list of publishers and developers set to be present at Opening Night Live have been released, and we’ve compiled all of them below: 2K Activision Bandai Namco Bungie Capcom Electronic Arts Epic Games Google Stadia Deep Silver/Koch Media Private Division Sega Square Enix Sony THQ Nordic Ubisoft Xbox Game Studios Live in 3 days. Enjoy and have a good time everyone.
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    Bring arts Sora (Kingdom hearts 2) -:
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    Yes the correct order is - Yakuza 0, Kiwami 1, Kiwami 2, Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, Yakuza 5 and finally Yakuza 6. Judgement is stand-alone and you can play it when you want. But do remember that the Remaster Collection is just as the name suggests - Remasters, not remakes. So gameplay and graphics-wise you might see some lower quality while going to Yakuza 3 Remaster from Kiwami 2. Also, another good news for Yakuza Fans. There will be an announcement of a new Yakuza game on August 29, 2019. This will not be a stand-alone game like Judgement. Rather it will be from the "Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku" Series a.k.a New Yakuza Series which will serve as the sequel to Yakuza 6, set in a post-Kiryu World. From Source Article: Sega will host an official announcement press conference for its new Yakuza game starring Ichiban Kasuga for PlayStation 4 on August 29 at the UDX Theater in Akihabara, the company announced. The company is currently accepting applications for Japanese fans to attend the event. To apply, either follow the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio Twitter account and retweet this tweet, or players of Yakuza Online can fill out this entry form. A total of 30 winners will be decided by lottery, 15 from the Twitter account method and 15 from the Yakuza Online method. If you missed it earlier this month, Sega announced that the new Yakuza game’s female co-star would be Eri Kamataki. Source: https://gematsu.com/2019/07/new-yakuza-game-starring-ichiban-kasuga-press-conference-set-for-august-29 What an amazing time to be a Yakuza Fan!!
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    Holy cow! Now please also do an Ico remake, along the lines of SOTC.
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    Game Pass 1 month free key Edit: This also stacks with current promo. $5 for 3 months $2 for Ultimate upgrade - 2 months Basically 7 months for $7. Order should be -> $5 for 3 months -> Alienware code 1 month -> Ultimate upgrade. Just got mine till March 2020. 😇😍 Should work for Xbox users too with Ultimate upgrade (XBL + Xbox Pass + PC Pass).
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    Get one mid tier card each from SBI, HDFC and ICICI and you have most of the deals/offers covered. Also, discuss about the due dates with the agent. Some cards have due dates towards the end of the month when you will be cash strapped and default. This was a cheap trick which was used earlier by some banks on lower end cards to trick you into paying interest. Note: Do this only if you have strong will to abstain from splurging.
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    Ronaldo in this ad... https://streamable.com/6hlxq
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    Even though I dont play cricket these days, its a sin not to have a bat at home.. So got this..
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    The disc quality wouldn't be impacted
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    Get any good office chair and make it ugly as hell by by sticking red colored tape all over it. You will save a bunch of money and have a better sitting experience.
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    Thanks for posting..bought the one s
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    🙈 I was scared af to install it. First time using a liquid cooler.
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    The Boys out on Prime. Edit: Great soundtrack :
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    Oh man. I have been looking to pick up a Bambino for a while now but I am holding off cause I have a trip to the US in Oct. Its like 120$ on Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Orient-Bambino-Japanese-Automatic-Stainless/dp/B01MTS5BFN and I just cant deal with shipping and custom headaches. So I think I will hold off till I then. Or maybe a Presage if I can get a really good deal somewhere. My only worries are 1, its gonna look like a f**king dinner plate on my tiny girly wrist and 2, I will end up getting bored in a month and go back to wearing the HMTs again. Same thing happened to the Seiko 5 I bought last year. Been sitting in the box for a while now.
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    @Aftrunner: I'm happy you got yourself some nice, comfortable Nato straps! Beautiful Jubilee you have there My Juntah says "Hi!"... And in the meantime I'm waiting to get served with a heavy Customs Duty bill tomorrow as I have a watch coming in from Creationwatches Singapore tomorrow!
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    Every week Samoa Joe gives solid performance (both in-ring and mic) and still never wins... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQhlp9XY3u0 Randy vs. Kofi for the title
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    Aai gayo.. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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