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    Dolby atmos speakers. Getting ready for dolby atmos setup, denon avr X3500h has been procured, though it sits in Switzerland for now.
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    The world’s most irregular gaming podcast is back. A decade since the first one and three years since the last one, we’re finally back with episode 44 of the IVG Podcast. This time around, we’ve got on-board an IVG Podcast regular (Sam/HundredProofSam), one of its founding members who is back after several years (Avinash/Nash), and a debutant (Nikhil/Bullismasher). In keeping with tradition, this episode is a mix of the biggest news dominating the gaming world, our views on the games we’re currently playing, as well as future releases we’re looking forward to. Here’s a breakdown of the topics we’ve covered this time: What's happening: Google Stadia and a future with game streaming Borderlands 3: More of what we really don't want What we’re playing: The Division 2 Anthem Apex Legends DMC 5 (and the resurgence of Japanese games) Sekiro What's coming out: Days Gone Mortal Kombat 11 Dangerous Driving World War Z The podcast is currently available on our Soundcloud page, but we’ll soon be adding to our regular feed, so you’ll be able to access it via iTunes, your favourite podcast app, and now also on Spotify. Do have a listen and let us know what you think on forums and on social media. We’re also open to suggestions and ideas for what you’d like for us to cover on future episodes. We hope you enjoy!
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    You should see his post on Era, dude is in all GoW threads as if Kratos personally raped his Xbox
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    Came back from watching Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Man the theater experience is something else for this movie. I think my screening was filled with DBZ fans. The crowd was literally something else. There were loud cheers and whistling throughout the movie - first time Goku and Vegeta were shown, first time Broly was shown, when the fights started etc. I don't think even Avengers:Infinity War got such a reaction when I saw it in theatres. It was literally like being in a stadium watching an India/Pakistan match! And the movie was too good. Even though I had already watched a good quality *ahem* version at home, the theater experience was something else. Seeing the fight between Broly vs Goku/Vegeta/Gogeta with that amazing OST on a 150"+ projector was mind-blowing. The fight literally gave me goosebumps. Man I wonder how far we have come. DBZ was the original anime that got me seriously interested in animes. We had the original Cartoon Network version (in Hindi) that never went an episode beyond when Goku first landed on Namek (Could not even see the original Super Saiyan Transformation on cable). Then went to downloading *ahem* versions of animes on PC, later Animax (which was shut down) and again onto *ahem* versions. Now we have official anime movies on theater. And how fitting that the very first anime movie on Indian Theater is again a Dragon Ball movie! Overall, it was an amazing experience and I urge you guys to see it even if you have seen the *ahem* versions. It's well worth it.
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    sh*t ps is doomed now with one less day's gone copy sold..
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    Man. Friends isnt really as funny or clever as I remember lol.
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    Potato quality pics of s10e and couple of blu ray I bought.
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    Anthem: "Oh, we have a looter shooter." Division 2: " Ha, we got you beat." Borderlands 3: "You're both adorable, Hold my beer for a sec."
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    This is a remaster man! Can't you see that those NPCs have applied Botox to remove their wrinkles. They've literally undergone surgery to get themselves young looking for 2019.
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    f**king sh*t Sony. Just fuk off What was that sh*t show. Absolutely shameless. Awake till 2:30 am for this sh*t. Fuk off Days Gone now. Wont buy it now.
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    Logan UHD and fire stick 4K
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    I'd say around 40 hours or so. This one has the most amount of collectibles out of all of the reboot titles.
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    That Robbie and Leo still reminded me of u/lanethompson who made some nice posters.
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    Not official, but done really well.
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    Hard isn't the issue as the mechanics all work out very well. However, the game slowly leans more towards frustration than a challenge. Retarded ranged enemies are completely messed up and stealth is a meme with entire gang jumps on you instantly after a kill. The whole path until you reach the boss has been a complete chore. Low-level trash you can counter and kill in 1 shot but as you advance you face big sized mobs surrounded by fast trash mobs and couple of ranged mobs who shoots perfectly. Oh, don't forget the dogs on top of that. You non-stop dodge while ready to parry correctly and also stay alive. The bosses (and mini) and 1v1 even 1v2 are fun and challenging where you can make use of your skill while also having fun. Sadly that doesn't happen often and the entire thing doesn't feel fun. Combat is wasted.
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    Gamestop - 90$ Because of backlog, I've stopped buying games on day 1 though I did try cancelling this pre-order, but there policies are a bit sh*tty in this regard. And yea, as of now its sold out at their website. Still undecided about this game man because of difficulty If I can't beat BB, will sell it off...so for now have kept it sealed.
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    Yes its best played on PC, we get it.
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    All EGS exclusive come with free DLC. To activate the free DLC called "Nerd rage" you just log on to any forum of your choice and watch as dorks get super mad about having to click a different shortcut icon.
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