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    Some haul from USA :3 Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    This came in after a 41 day wait from Singapore via AliExpress Standard Shipping... Parnis Big Pilot PA-01172 (Asian Unitas Seagull 6497 Movement) This watch has a small anecdotal story attached to it and this is how it goes... I was browsing through the AliExpress 11-11 Sale and saw this timepiece. Having instantly fallen in love with it's classic, minimalist looks I could hardly restrain myself from ordering one. The heart wants what it wants. But that's only half the story... You see on the 11th of November, in the afternoon I placed the order. That very evening a remarkably poignant event happened and it set in motion certain catastrophic chain of events that would lead to the loss of a very loved one in my life. Now having received the watch it strangely enough makes me remember her. That day, that evening... memories, in time. For any watch collector, for any watch enthusiast every watch almost always has a story attached to it. Some say these stories are lovely little conversation starters over a glass of glistening sherry. Timepieces always tell a tale. For me... this Parnis has it's own little tale, a bittersweet one at that. I shall wear it, thinking of her. Traces of memories in the sands of time.
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    From the Land of the Rising sun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Itz Christmas Eve.... ... Are you ready to be wide wide wide awake and win a Christmas goodie starting each hour from 12am tonite till 6am the next day.. 7 Deals of Christmas!!!. The secret gift boxes will only be revealed after all 7 winners have posted their choice of gift from the above listed. Click on the image to see it at 100%. Few boxes have hints..while rest are pure secret ones! Giveaways: Secret Gift Boxes (7 nos) Scheduled Date and Time: - December 25, 2017 - 12:00 am onwards (Basically Tonite ie... Sunday nite....) Eligible Post to qualify: - To participate you have to post these words : Happy Holidayz - Valid entry will only be those which are posted at 12:00am onwards and subsequent hours as put forth. Winning Format: 12:00am: First valid post at 12:00am or onwards wins. 01:00am: Last valid post at 01:00am wins. (ie. the valid last post before 1:01 am post) 02:00am: Second Last valid post at 02:00am wins (ie. the valid second last post before 2:01am post) 03:00am: Third Last valid post at 03:00am wins (ie. the valid third last post before 3:01am post) 04:00am: First valid post at 04:00am or onwards wins. 05.00am: Last valid post at 05:00am wins. (ie. the valid last post before 5:01 am post) 06:00am: Second last valid post at 06:00am or onwards wins. (ie. the valid second last post before 6:01am post) Giveaway Distribution: - Winners once declared officially in thread the next day have to state their choice of gift..by specifying the gift box alphabet tied to any of the gift images above. - The order of gift choice selection starts from the winner of the first hour till the last hour. ie 12 am winner gets to choose first and continues till the 6am winner in order. - Once a winner has posted his choice of gift in thread in order, he is not permitted to opt or change for another gift. - Only after all 7 winners have posted their choice of gifts...The secret gift boxes will be revealed in thread. Who can Participate : Members who comply with ANY ONE of the following criteria are eligible to participate: Registered before Nov 01, 2017 Minimum 100 Posts to his credit (Active Post records will also be accounted) Minimum 10 Reps Minimum 10 Positive TP feedback (Should not have even a single Negative or neutral feedback) * Mods/Admins also can participate Note: Participation is only for Members residing in India. Rules: - Entry has to be made in this same thread at the scheduled time and hours mentioned. No PM's allowed. - One Entry Post per member only allowed during each hour in the crunch period. Multiple entries in succession by any member during the crunch period will result in disqualification of that entry. - Editing of post is Disqualification. - Anyone posting answers in this thread to any hints for the secret gift boxes will be disqualified iesparticipation. - Spam Posting during the crunch crucial time is subject to disqualification. - Smilies-only post invalid. - A winner of any particular hour is not eligible to participate in the following hours...go take the much wanted sleep/rest we need 7 different winners - Winner will be declared officially next day... or later whenever I have sobered up... - The winner is prohibited to sell/Trade the Christmas giveaways here on IVG. Pls honour the christmas spirit sentiments... What u do with it outside IVG shudn't be a concern. Shipment: - All will be shipped In mid Jan after my return from christmas break. - Winners will be intimated in thread asking their complete details 2 days in advance. Note: - I will be busy with the midnite mass and then total drunk in a Christmas Party... so will check the thread only 2morrow or day after when i am in senses and then officially announce all the winners. - Till then.. be good.. ..Merry Christmas to one and all.... God Bless !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WINNERS: 12am: FT9DVB7 1am: Playstationdue 2am: Santanu18 3am: BVB 4am: Sawyer 5am: Rafan 6am: Pacifier
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    Thanks so very much my friend! Hope your doing well. This watch was something I suddenly saw and fell in love with. I was skeptical after placing the order on AliExpress... whether it would be hit by duty but in the end it didn't so it turned out to be a sweet deal. And, yes... it had now become so much more than just being a timepiece... it's a harbinger of recollections.
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    From the Land of the Rising sun. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And he is back with his collection museum and photography..Watch looks really classy mate.. My condolences mate...Its actually a great symbol as everything in our life is attached to time..
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    Subbed. Good stuff. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    I have a spare AMFILM tempered glass. If you want i can send it to you. As for the joycon grips, i have no idea but i feel it's not necessary, and the money can be better spent. Like buying a game or two from eshop
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    Contact customs or Postal Authority. Check this website for contact information. http://foreignpostmumbai.blogspot.in/p/customer-care.html
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