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    Saw Padmavat. Trash tier movie when it comes to story, characters and dialogue but goddamn if it isnt beautiful. The cinematography, costumes, framing, set design etc are all absolutely gorgeous. Probably the best I have seen in an Indian film. Almost worth sitting around for in a movie theater. Almost. But the story is utterly god awful. The characters are boring as f**k, it says something when the most fun character to watch in your movie is the one you want us to hate. The dialogue is just one cliche after another. And the performances are bland. Oh and its way too long. You could easily cut an hour from it and not lose anything worthwhile. Just utter sh*t. Except for the aforementioned visuals. Side note and slightly political. Having seen this, I can easily say the whole Karni sena bullshit was just straight up politics and publicity. Cause this movie is a 3 hour sloppy handjob to Rajput pride. And its impossible to think otherwise if you have seen it.
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    Please dont insult the witcher.
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    It won't get even close to that record.
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    I've been riding Thunderbird 350 & Standard 500. If you're looking for ride comfort then you can't go wrong with Classic. The bike is so heavy you don't even need to be worried about balancing. The ride will really be 'Royal' But if you're looking for quick acceleration or higher top speeds you'll be disappointed.
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    Only review that can convince me to buy the game.
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    I generally don't advise playing at 30fps if locked 60 is an option, but in this case 30fps itself is massive improvement over the original, like twice the number of fps. So I'll personally stick with 30fps with sharper image. SoTC just looks extremely weird at 60fps
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    What's Ethan Hawke got to do with it?
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    Some might feel it's too soon to be getting a new Star Wars movie, but I'm f**king excited. This looks amazing! ------ This looks pretty f**king amazing as well. ------- Premieres tonight on Netflix. Holy Sheet ------- One more. ------- And of course....
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