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    Brother got this. Our collection size increases yet again
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    no spoilers on Avengers, some one can make a thread. Any spoiler here is Insta 2 weeks ban.
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    That kratos looks more like Sabhu or cracktos.
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    Played the demo. Did 2 playthroughs of the scene. Basically, the 'every choice matters' aspect really matters and it's implemented quite well. Overall, quite liked it. However, maybe because this was already a known scene, the tension wasn't that much. But, I can only imagine how awesome it'll feel to play through scenes never seen before. Very Heavy Rain-esque, which is a very very good thing. So glad it's not like Beyond: Two Souls.
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    Latest pick ups . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Strictly average as far as the main campaign goes. Horrible voice acting and the visuals are disappointing. If you're tempted to try it, probably get it once it goes into EA's vault or is dirt cheap on sale.
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    Did not get the game yet, as I am travelling and have the LE pre-booked in India. But in Singapore, I did come across the complete artbook for GoW (not the mini artbook that comes with LE/CE; the complete 200+ page one) which I purchased. Just posting the cover pics here, which does not have any spoiler. Hv only given a cursory glance to the book contents and will only go in detail once I have played the game. BTW if it's of any comfort; at the store I asked at least, it seems LE did not come to Singapore at all. Regarding CE, the shopkeeper said they had some weird version in Singapore, which had the normal (not steelbook) cover. And it was OoS as well. And all editions were pretty much out of stock everywhere. Even standard editions was OoS in many places, with some places being left out eith 1-2 copies. Did not even get a glimpse of any special editions anywhere.
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    Rha is always vfm. 750 are good.. I tried the t20 as well. They are pretty good too. And they have a 3 year warranty . I'm coming to these from a shure se 215, so the jump is really noticeable. Ps : sorry for going OT, I'll try to get a basic review up in the headphone section (pretty sure there is one somewhere in here) Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Rha ma750 are pretty good as it stands. I'm very happy with my 650. I had used 750 as well and their sound quality is really good. Instrument separation is some of the best I've experienced. And most of all they feel very premium and comfortable to wear for hours at a time.
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    Nice. The bass should improve after the burn-in and sound should get better as well. I cant afford these right now... I have to make do with my RHA MA750s....
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    26999 Clear and precise. Soundstage is great. Base is recessed but not absent. Will get better over time. Quiet amazing at this price point. If you are into rock/metal, pretty much everything that needs a good musical instrument backdrop, this is amazing. Noise isolation is great with the spin tips, can't hear anything else. Build quality is top notch as well. Its hardly a bass head machine though. But it gives bass when it's necessary and more importantly it doesn't suppress anything else. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Just came in psyched. Campfire! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Netflix's Witcher Season 1 to have 8 episodes, expected 2020.
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    This is one of the most gorgeous limited editions I've seen. 20 pages of awesome artwork. Can't wait to play.
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    Choose performance mode you wouldn’t want to go back
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    The gow collectors edition is [emoji91] Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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