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    Its Arkham combat with air combos and ranged options, and its Arkham traversal except Batman being on grappling hook all the time. Other than that its same as the reaction to God of War combat after E3 2016.
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    A few things... SteelSeries Rival 700 Casio W735H-1AV (Module 3416) - Just a sudden buy. Liked it, got it... one of those moments. Seagate Backup Plus 4TB (STDR000901)
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    Look on Coursera or Udacity.
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    Well the pattern is across threads PlayStation deluded army That was a quick burn. So some people are willing to discuss your points and you call them that. Dayum. Thats Zodak level stuff. Joe the new Zodak is a good custom title i think
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    Hollow Knight is utterly fantastic!! Great price for a gem of a game.
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    Its high time we give Joe a custom title now. Always moaning joe will be fine
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    Weather and Terrain Details: Spring: More rainfall, storms, etc. Water levels will be higher (rivers, lakes, creeks). Muddier conditions on dirt roads. Similar to Spin Tires but on a lesser level. Summer: Nicer weather, drier, less rainfall. Lower water levels (rivers, lakes, creeks). Dirt roads will be drier and more like typical Horizon offroad sections. Newly accessible areas due to lower water levels. Autumn: More similar to Spring in terms of rainfall but fewer storms and more cloudier weather. Higher water levels (rivers, creeks, lakes). Dirt roads will not be as muddy but can be during rainfall. Trees turn reddish/yellow. Winter: Snowy, cloudy conditions. Water will be frozen and can be driven on (rivers, creeks, lakes). Roads will be covered in snow and ice. Newly accessible areas due to frozen water. Other: Cities like Edinburgh will be in the game and fully explorable. Temperature plays an effect on the cars handling (night, day, winter, summer, etc). More details on this later. The seasons are real-life week-long events that will change for everyone. ___________ Campaign: Events/Races: Goal: To become a Horizon Superstar where you choose your path to become the best racer. Showcase Events return (racing against dirt bikes, hovercrafts, planes and more!) Both Single Player (Offline) and Co-Op confirmed Goliath returns Danger Signs, Drift Zones, Speed Traps/Zones all return. Horizon Stories will take Bucket Lists to a new level. No clarification on that yet. Other: Offline Mode with Drivatars confirmed The only Horizon Festival will be placed in the ruins of a Castle. Other Festivals replaced by Buyable Properties (see Customization section for more details). Progression can be made by any means you want (racing, tuning, painting, stunt driving and more) Photo and Rewind Mode return and can be done online or offline. Wheelspins return. Barn finds return. Spotify confirmed to NOT be available in-game. The groove is long gone. Route Creator: Design your own custom races anywhere in the world and share them with the community. Seasons can be chosen. Point-to-Point & Circuit Races confirmed. Additional details coming later. ________ Customization Options: Cars: Drag & snow tires. Drift Suspension upgrades. New body/widebody kits, hot rod and off-road kits. Appears to be that all upgrades from previous Forzas return. Horizon Edition cars return, now called Forza Edition cars (like FM7). Character: Horizon Life Apparel (various clothing items) Emotes Properties: Players can purchase their own homes (12 purchasable homes with in-game credits) These are Fast Travel locations Anything from a simple cottage to Edinburgh Castle. Forzavista mode works in the driveway of the home Replaces Horizon Festivals (there is only one now on the map) Other: Unlock new items, gear and gameplay perks through playing the game
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    Autofy Metal Grill for Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 350 & 500 (Black, Set of 8) 89% Off ₹216.23
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    The Indians are more racist argument doesn't work. Just because someone does something bad doesn't mean you should too , people should strive to be better. People have better expectations from American movies/games..etc. They are critically acclaimed worldwide and played by many. Also lot of people of different races live in America. In this particular case even though they are polish devs , their main target is America. And also people do criticize Indian movies for poor portrayal. Just because they keep making crappy movies again and again doesn't mean the criticism was wrong. And hardly anyone outside of Indians give a sh*t about Indian movies. If someone in India made a game that portrays other races poorly that was also a big hit worldwide , they would definitely get called out for it.
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    Today’s Arrival. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Next Giveaway is .... PS4 Games 1) Uncharted Collection - 1, 2, 3 2) Uncharted 4 3) The Last Of Us Remastered 4) Horizon Zero Dawn - Eligibility to participate - All following criteria must be fulfilled 1) IVG member for at least 6 months. - Must have joined IVG on or before 13th December, 2017. 2) At least 30 posts. **) Mods, Admins and IVG authors can participate (Above criteria does not apply to them) - To participate, (Both things must be available in reply) 1) Reply - " If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. " 2) Answer this question - Which was most awesome game demonstrated at E3-2018 ? (Can be 1 game or entire studio lineup or list of games from multiple studios. does not matter. you may right essay or a one liner. Does not matter. ) *** No "fanboys vs haters" fights. Any troll will be reported swiftly. Winner is not gonna get decided based on answers. Divert any/all discussion on subject to appropriate thread. Or create a thread appropriately if need to be discussed. Not here. - Contest Starts - Once this post is visible - Contest Ends - Sunday - 24th June, 2018 - 01:00 PM (13:00) IST - Only 1 winner will be decided. All 4 games go to one winner. - Only 1 post per participant. You may edit the post if needed before contest ends. - Once contest ends, I will compile list of valid entries and assign numbers to them in incremental order based on time of reply. - Winner will be decided by random selection (random.org). - Winner will be announced on 25th June, 2018. - Winner may have to pay shipping charges, if location is remote. - Shipping will be done by speedpost. - Shipping will be done in between 27th June to 30th June, 2018. - Whoever the winner may be, I would sincerely request not to resale items here at IVG. - All covered, let Le pun begin. Disclaimer - This is a personal giveaway at my own discretion. This giveaway is not affiliated with anyone or anything. And this giveaway is not hosted to promote anyone or anything. This giveaway is not hosted to gather individual opinion on any subject matter. It's just for fun and spreading joy.
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    Moi new PC. Fractal Design Define C Mini || Intel Core i7 8700 || Gigabyte B360M-D3H || GSkill Ripjawz DDR4 2400MHz 16GB || Samsung 970 Pro 512GB || Seagate 2TB || NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FE || Corsair RM750x || LG 27UD88-W || Logitech G613 || Logitech MX Master 2S
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    So 7 hours in two stretches with a 30 min break in between, today. I don't think i've ever played a game for so long at time. You just can't put the controller down with this. Damn!
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