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    Nice.Every Saturday I play regular club matches with white leather ball. Since last 3 months we are playing day-night ones which are really fun under lights. This is the one we played yesterday. And I was Player of the match Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
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    He is really taking his place for granted. Mediocre keeper and batting is not firing.
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    Picture quality matters in tvs, not features. There is no point of features if picture quality is pure. For your budget, go for 55 inch vu premium. Excellent vfm
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    Stay away from Samsung 6 series, they aren't close to the other competitor's performance. You will be forking over money mainly for the brand. Go for VU Premium or IFFalcon.
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    Vu Premium Android 163cm (65 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV This is really good.. Dont even go near the Samsung 6 series which is released this year.. Really poor in terms of even comparing with budget range ones.. Check out Techiebeez India youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEl1itQU0Yg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8CDa_CjZH6Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L4K9xki37k
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    Completed season 1 this afternoon. The Character arc, depiction of the entire mystery surrounding the forest, cinematography were really well done. The execution and linking up characters equally well executed. The way the Amazonian terrain has been captured, beautiful! But there are problems with the pacing and the last couple of episodes are very unsatisfying I felt. This is a slow burner, I didn't mind that... I like slow burning shows with good, well poised character developments but the ending I felt on this was very obscure and weird. Juana del Rio was superb in her role.
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    Stokes what a champion. Also if you have Airtel, you can stream on Airtel TV for free.
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    Btw, i was in a birthday party. Sony liv subscription ke poore paise vasool kar diye is match ne. Although all my relatives kept giving me dirty looks [emoji12] Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
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    What a freaking f**kn great match. Stokes did the impossible once again. What a player. Aussies have themselves to blame. Wasted the needless review. Lyon fumbled a sure shot run out. Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
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    Well, in short, OLED is the way to go. Best PQ with deepest blacks. QLED is not OLED, does not produce as deep blacks but can get comparatively brighter than OLED. Although OLED will get bright enough to handle well lit areas. OLED does come with permanent picture retention i.e. burn in but modern Tv's have tech to mitigate that, so unless you blast the TV at full brightness with the same image all the time, you won't experience. And that's what QLED does not have, no risk at all. Basically, don't think of QLED in any different way as compared to what other brands offer. Now at that budget, both of them will be out of your reach, your budget needs to be around 1.1L otherwise. It's worth the money, but probably not enough if it's not your primary tv. This ultimately boils down to you. In your budget, you can look at various 4k models which LG makes.
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    Handsome fella @harsh1387
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    Been playing this a while now with a friend. We're having a great time. Was getting extremely frustrated with some of the the boss fights, till we learnt to just ignore the adds and go ham on the f**king bosses.
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    And here's IVG's review in case you missed it. https://www.indianvideogamer.com/reviews/remnant-from-the-ashes-review/31475
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    Samsung Super 6 108cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV  (UA43NU6100KXXL / UA43NU6100KLXL) ₹36249 Use CC/DC No Cost EMI to get ₹2750 Off + upto 21500 Off on Exchange All time low price, it's a glitch that all three offers are getting applied, grab or gone deal
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    Bach gaye rahane, nahin banane padenge bahane.
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    Indian consoles are obviously imported from wherever they are made. US tariffs won't have an impact on Indian prices.
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    Edit- Nevermind. I guess only the region and marking is EU, import could be directly from china.
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    Total Races : 725 Pole Positions : 82 Fastest Laps : 72 Number of Wins : 100
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