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    Flat ₹500 off on Next Flight Booking Code FLYAUG500
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    They're still maintaining that they'll try to establish connection within the next 14 days. Let's see..... Anyways gaganyaan (manned mission) is supposed to be the next big project. This is certain to generate tremendous curiosity as we get closer to launch. IAF already selected the first bunch of people who will be the chosen 3.
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    Huge praise from DF. Coliation is right up there with best in tech department according to DF and HDR best till date on consoles. PC analysis next.
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    Not offended at all mate , you listed your points in a healthy way without any prejudice which is a rare quality nowadays and I appreciate it. Also you do make a good point about not waiting. Maybe I can't relate to it because I never felt the need to pre order just to play at the 0th minute but again that's just me. now the hate against pre ordering is because I have pre ordered a lot of games(mostly physical copies to make sure I get one) and got Burned multiple times. I still remember pre ordering Duke Nukem
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    Hey bro. Set HDR brightness to 1000 and no more since your TV's peak attainable brightness is around 850-950. For other settings if you want to tweak, you can take a look here https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x900f/settings
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    lol thanks miles better than getting him to play fortnite
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    couch coop. Nice Good time to buy play with my son
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    True, when it works it works alright but the connection break has been annoying. People gets kicked out of matches several times. We were playing Horde and we were on 32nd wave and suddenly all of us got kicked out.
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