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    No such thread either. Women are not an object of entertainment. I think this forum also has young "male" members. The sooner we teach it to them, the better it will be. If you want babes, go to websites dedicated for that where these women themselves are posting. We don't know that we have consent from these women to circulate their pictures all over the internet. So yeah, we don't need such threads on a forum primarily catering to gamers.
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    Well this is me about a week later. The day is almost over now, and I just put my books away. My productivity was on peak today, not only did I study twice as much as I normally do but it was effective. If I keep studying like this everyday (with a cheat day here and there haha), I'm damn sure I can ace these exams. All comes down to self-control. Thanks a lot @kunjanp and @adity @HEMAN @b!T I appreciate the encouragement PS- I know this is the wrong thread for this discussion, maybe someone can make a new thread in the General Chatter section titled "The Productivity Thread" or something.
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    FightingCowboy said there are some good QoL changes from 1st game. so, if you liked first one, you would like this more I believe. BL3 gonna stay and it will be better with some patch work. think you can buy it. Flip side, its only a SP game so you can wait for sale as well.
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    Motive studio guy, also worked on motion-matching at Ubisoft which is what TLoU2 is supposedly using.
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    Hehe U quite good at it. Nice
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    Ay bruh. Keep an eye out for a 144Hz 1080p monitor in the sale and tag ya boi if you see a good deal.
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    Received my copy yesterday. Pretty amazing to get a physical copy of a game not released in India in just 3 days after launch. The effective price was Rs.4.5k, which I guess is the average price for a first party switch game in India. Thanks @Mcube Games
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    Hmm, I hope monthlies don't return if it's going to remove weekly. Rather have weekly upgrades to team than monthly. __ Anyways, played about 50 or so matches. Best FIFA in last 4-5 years. Huge upgrade over the last year crap. Dribbling has room to improve but other stuff is good so far. They need to address the rebounds and either adjust GK movement or remove it. At the moment it is so slow where it ends up costing you a goal. Pace is back which is great to see. Defending is rewarding so far. All the AI derps are having hard time but otherwise solid. Despite being a solid game, the community is terrible making the online full sweaty. In Division 3-4, everyone is just parking the bus now and countering. I hope it changes soon. Friendly modes in FUT is fantastic addition. So much fun and doesn't use any fitness or contract. Having a blast there. Volta - yet to play. Should have added friend invite feature. Without that it is boring solo. Going to wait and see how it pans out.
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    Yes no political thread people can waste there time on social media instead. Instead bring back babe thread
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    It's from the directors of Good Time and currently at 94% on RT. Sandler's getting a lot of praise for this one. Trailer out tomorrow.
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    Lol Politcal discussion online- worst idea ever?
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    Honestly, you can get n no. of advices and they still won't help until you are ready to put the hammer down. Cancelling the subscription or having that app won't work because you always have the option to work around them. It all comes down to how much willpower you have, gotta control. Worked for me when I was preparing for Jee. All the best.
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