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    These shots are brilliant.
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    Looks like fighting Human enemies is more fun than fighting clickers based on previews. I will go full stealth route. Tlou gameplay doesn't work great as full on action game as enemies overwhelm you very fast and fuk u up and now they even added dogs to make things worse lol
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    Game isn't even finished. Typical Ubilol.
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    Big thing: Most of the game is with an Ally. Story is mostly about Joel and Ellie More incoming.
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    The dog stuff sounds quiet cool and sad. For eg if you kill the dog's handler, it will become sad and sit next to his body. Enemy ai have names and relationships. Like you kill some lady and someone screams you killed my wife.
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    Looks great as a desktop wallpaper.
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    Frigging beautiful! Great atmosphere too.
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    It's running on Android Oreo 8.0 .
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    ??? Netflix app is there and prime video also works through inbuilt chromecast.
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    Ya it was at consul, fun times. Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    I bought 2 years xbox live gold and used this 1$ upgrade
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    Tried the demo. Grade A sh*t game as expected. Volta is surprisingly good but full game cant be bought for that. The Pace of the game wants to be ping pong but the game is deliberately holding it back it seems. They tried to balance it but it just falls apart. With PES Full game disappoiting and this turd now. Looks like no footy this year.
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    Virat Kohli and Bewda will soon arrange a SL Tour to further boost stats and boast like those 12 year olds who only play Call of Duty during double XP boost weekends.
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    I was watching on Hotstar and the commentary audio was so bad I could barley hear them talking. Engine sound and pit radio was loud and clear.
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    Too bad they will go for no contest finish at HIAC as Braun will break the cell or door or something, leading to a triple threat match at glorified house show where Seth will retain again to face wwe champ Kofi or someone at Survivor Series. Yeah Universal title picture is still boring, slightly better than absent Brock and no title defence at ppvs
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    One of the worst we've had in the recent past I guess. Especially when PS is going with guns blazing by giving TLoU.
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