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    In the screen I went, it was full of anime fans. The crowd cheered loudly when the movie opened with Vkaao's message thanking "Otakus" for making it possible to play the movie in India. They also understood words that mainly an anime fan or someone studying Japanese will know (Outside Japan itself) like "Senpai" etc. And most of the crowd seemed to have watched "Your Name" already. So, most probably it will not be a case of people expecting a Pixar movie coming. Heck, even when I went to DBS: Broly in theaters some months ago, the screen seemed to be full of DBZ fans with loudest cheers when Cha La Head Cha La (DBZ Original Theme Song) played, and at the entrance of Goku+Vegeta. In both cases there were definitely tons of anime fans on screen - to the point I was surprised a bit actually. Another good news is that the movie reception seems to be good enough that the show timings and no. of screens displaying the movie "Weathering With You" has increased. One screen in the multiplex I went to was also playing the movie in a Dolby Atmos Sound Screen (Unfortunately, I booked my ticket when only 1 show time was shown so I missed that screen). This is definitely good news for anime fans in India Agree with your post entirely. Generally, anime movies - especially of this kind - have a certain charm, a certain "magic" that can touch your emotions. That was definitely missing in this particular movie. Movie was good, but it definitely felt like Shinkawa was making a movie according to a formula and just to put his name on it to earn more cash. It was definitely not "legendary" as such movies generally are. And, at least for me, the story had plenty of unexplained plot-points that was just hand-waived off to make the romance happen. As far as the print is concerned, maybe it's your theater/ In the screen I went to - the print was HD enough and you could make out the absolutely gorgeous visuals and animations. Resolution-wise, it looked like what a normal movie in a non-special screen would look like. But it was definitely no IMAX quality and that felt like a missed chance - an IMAX print of this movie would have looked mind-blowing. Anyway just happy (almost kind of in disbelief) that the movie came over. How far we have come from the days of only 2 anime available in India - Pokemon and DBZ. Both in Hindi only. And DBZ would never move a single episode past when Goku lands on Namek for first time (We only saw SSJ form in the Intro song) and we celebrated if Pokemon could start a new season without stopping. Forget about all anime movies. And now we are having proper anime movie releases in theaters? That's a really far advancement. Nice; it's been way too long since MHA Season 3.
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    MHA season 4 releasing today ♥️
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    It's probably gonna sell like hot cakes even without an RDR1 remake bundled in
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    Back from Weathering With You. It's definitely one of Shinkai's weaker movies and is nowhere close to reaching the heights of Your Name. It was somehow missing that Shinkai magic. The themes of loneliness and longing which are usually very strong in some of his movies felt lacking in this one (I wonder if watching it in a theater full of people had something to do with that ). And the story isn't as strong to make up for that either. Still, I did end up enjoying it. Watching an anime movie in a theater and that too in Japanese felt pretty surreal. And as expected, you could tell that the entire crowd was full of passionate fans. There was cheering and hooting all around. Those two surprise cameos drew some of the largest cheers. And of course the music by Radwimps was awesome and elevated some of the scenes in which it was used (especially towards the end). Ohh and did anyone else feel that the quality of the print wasn't really that great? It somehow didn't feel.......HD enough :|.
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    Im going tomorrow. Excited. Also I hope it'll be genuine anime lovers, and not a bunch of kids. Well technically I am a kid, but I mean kids as in a younger audience expecting this to a be a PIXAR movie or something.
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    Id be quite willing to pay the regular PS4 game 3999/- price tag for it frankly. Rockstar, do it pls
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    If they had made RDR 1 remake and bundled it up with RDR2 for 3199 then that would sell like hot cakes..
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    Yeah same. I never lost honor other than for story related reasons. My Arthur was the nicest dude in America.
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    finished the game recently . The game is absolute gorgeous. Even though in the starting it felt like boredfest due to slow progress. But the story really catches up after chapter 3. All the mission are unique. Never felt repetitive. The story narration is also good. The weather effects and ability to interact with almost everything in game. going to play it again soon because I didn’t knew honor is also important for different endings.
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    B b but you already declared this is your goty way before it was even released.
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