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    U feel bad when you watch Netflix movies? You do realise Obsidian is owned by a trillion dollar company?. Stop worrying about MS money and worry about your money and if u so rich then donate some to poor people in India. Good to see Indian economy rising at fast pace as people want to pay full price over 100Rs for GP.
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    PC preload started on rockstar launcher. Size 109 GB.
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    Bought a JBL Bluetooth speaker, it turned on to only give static and did not connect to anything. There is no way they could have missed that defect even if they turned it on. They were half price of new ones. Bought headphones, they had very high distortion. They just repackage defective products. The discount is directly proportional to the extent of defect. It is just headache to deal with even if you get a full refund. I no longer buy any of these products. Moreover, for most of electronics, Amazon only allows returns for defective products, so, they have to be defective to be eligible for return. I am sure Amazon does not have in house repair people to repair millions of different products.
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    You are right. They sell clearly defective products in the hopes that people will not know or bother to return. When the difference between the price of new and renewed is very high, it almost 100% means that the product is defective. I no longer buy any renewed products from Amazon. It is too obvious what they are doing when it has happened to me on 3-4 items. All were defective.
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    I think this is some gameplay we haven't seen before. Sorry, if I'm wrong.
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    Done with Days gone. Have to get back to Automata to finish it.
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    It's a great sign that they announced it early. It shows how much confidence they have in their product and also shows how pro consumer they are. They could've very well waited till the release of game and announced PC version few months later to double dip their sales like Rockstar does Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    So you are new Hope.
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    The whole collection usually have almost same price as dlc pack. It goes on sale almost every month on psn.
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