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    Read it today morning. His backstory is just as depressing as some of his characters'. Posting in the main thread.
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    @Heaven Angel Thanks for the Game....
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    That Messi goal... Valverde has easiest job. Just pass the ball to Messi and let him take care of it. United can't even beat Villa...6 points from relegation zone. Next two games: Spurs and City. 🙂
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    Some of that 90hz goodness.
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    Death Stranding 2: Kojima Says He "Would Start From Zero" https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/12/02/death-stranding-2-kojima-says-he-would-start-from-zero “I thought, I’ll tell her once I’ve become a little successful,” he said. “I didn’t want her to worry.” Unfortunately, Kojima’s mother died during the game’s development so he never got to tell her, which he regrets. “The ghosts in the game - maybe my parents are one of them, seeing me in this world,” he said to Vulture. “I wanted to have that kind of metaphor, that within you, you’re connected to the people that passed away.”
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