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    Received my gift. Will post the pics in the evening. Thanks @HundredProofSam
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    not sure who my santa is ...please reveal yourself.....was looking forward to play this! Thanks!
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    Finished it. All those skiff driving sections make sense now. Cut that out and its like a 3 hour game. Seriously, what in the actual f**k. Act 1 and Act 4 are pretty good. Act 2 and 3 have a total of 1 hour of decent gameplay. Everything is just driving the skiff and redoing old locations (locations that have zero "personality"). I have no interested in Horde or MP. I am glad I Game Pass'd it. Cant imagine paying full price (or even discounted) for that campaign. 5/10.
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    GT sport is absolutely fantastic. You might feel that it's a bit too tough if you haven't played simulators before and even otherwise some challenges might be way tough. But now I am at a point that I have gotten Gold in every race, challenge, circuit experience and school part and still it's amazing to try to beat your record on Nurgburgring especially with Merc AMG GT. Give it some time, you will like it.
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    If you've barely started Chapter 2 quests and you already think its pretty darn great, its gets even better. Chapter 5 is kinda meh, the rest is top notch in my opinion, have fun!
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    Got all Mario Kart games ever released. Zelda related games so far. Not been actively collecting for this though.
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    Had prawn ramen at Airoli on Saturday. Contained chopped carrots, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, sprouted moong, marinated softboiled eggs, fried prawns, etc. Didn't take the chopsticks because I don't know how to use them.
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    Ya but his primary role is WK, and he is crap. I don't understand when you have a decent enough pool of keepers why don't you try some one else too.
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    First half. No word yet on when the second half is going to be out (on Netflix or otherwise).
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    Well couldn't resist that sexy looking console, and the second one is to see what is all the hoopla about. Now need to sell the old one. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Not as big as some of the collectors here, but here's my collection (excluding Gameboy series). Just started seriously collecting from the second half of last year, so a long way to go... @WhiteWolf Here are some XBOX games for you...[emoji846] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
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