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    Got this wonderful game Got the real name of my Santa, donno who it is in IVG. Please reveal urself
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    lol no need bro, its motivation for me to fit into the tee
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    Absolutely loved this gift So Unique. Never knew about this. Thank you so much for this gift Please reveal yourself my Santa Sorry for the pics. Size is getting cropped for some reason. How u guys upload.
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    Dude, you need divine confetti like 2 atleast to beat him, also you need huge amount of health. I'd recommend you try after you've defeated APE atleast. Some of the cheeses have been patched so watch out for that. Headless are one of the optional bosses and there are 4 of them in game, if it get frustrating (which it can for some) then i suggest you leave him be. But if you're going for achievements/trophies you need all of them dead. Enemies does slightly more damage than normal yeah but you get more items too. Best when you're farming for something say Divine confetti. If you don't want it then use bell demon in your inventory to reverse.
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    Not really.. Just use the item you got after ringing the bell.. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Contact your Railwire partner and explain that you reqruire a NAT2 connection instead of the NAT3 you're getting right now.. I had the same issue when I first took Railwire. What they will do is assign a static IP from a separate range they have for cases like this, to your account that will ensure a NAT2. IIRC they will have to coordinate with the area NOC to get that enabled.
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    Greatest video explaining the Monday Night Wars:
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    I believe its sold out cause even i don't seem to find it. They do have this one. PowerA Zelda Case
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    Got it from Amazon India for 900. Was under a lightning deal. The case is by PowerA. They are well known company just like Hori.
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    Where did you buy the case? and price?
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    Yes they do. They also accept if you have just the disc and not the case.
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    So basically i double dipped. I have the Lite and this one too. Got this case as well for it.
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    Hey buddy all cex sale are done over physical discs there is no need for any paper which comes with disks like maps,coupons,dlc. While you buy the games from them make that clear you won’t get any Dlc or coupons. If u r lucky u might get any used coupons that highly unlikely. Thanks Sent from my iPhone 11 using Tapatalk
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    Lovely gift. Please reveal yourself Santa.
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    As ..... thrilling as this 2 page discussion on Indian taxation system is, could you guys take it to the Ask the experts thread? Keep this thread for deals.
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    GT sport is absolutely fantastic. You might feel that it's a bit too tough if you haven't played simulators before and even otherwise some challenges might be way tough. But now I am at a point that I have gotten Gold in every race, challenge, circuit experience and school part and still it's amazing to try to beat your record on Nurgburgring especially with Merc AMG GT. Give it some time, you will like it.
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    You like GT Sport that much? Ive had it around since such a long time and I love Racing games but never bothered with it due to other big titles. Ill give it a go
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    Not as big as some of the collectors here, but here's my collection (excluding Gameboy series). Just started seriously collecting from the second half of last year, so a long way to go... @WhiteWolf Here are some XBOX games for you...[emoji846] Sent from my ONEPLUS A6000 using Tapatalk
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