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    Made close to 10kgs worth of Chocolate Cream Cheese brownies. A few for my family but majorly for a couple of my neighbours who are in healthcare and have been working non stop, going through daily tests. Just a token of appreciation. Everything was properly sanitized and package was dropped off outside their door for them to collect. Final product:
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    This was done by Tirupur police Tamil Nadu..
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    I guess I was wrong about America.
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    People think hot places like India, Mexico etc have an orange tint, and something like Russia or Alaska have a grey/blue tint.
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    After cooking noodles, time for a sizzler preparation. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Most days of the breakfast is : Cheese omelette. Today's was with minced cauliflower and two day marinated chicken and tasted just like pasta : nothing different, just don't mix cauliflower and chicken or any other meat in the eggs, put them in the pan and shallow fry them for a minute or two and then add the egg-cheese mixture to the pan. Chicken to be later used for chicken tikka (and maybe butter chicken) - prefer Green due to using healthier green chillies and coriander instead of red chilli/color. ^ One of the easiest and most delightful things to make where you can't go wrong.
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    Some person got so bored in my society that he washed my car. WTF!!
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    Same here. I am really thankful to Trump and his sh*t policies that my extension was rejected and I had to come back. Else I would have been there, working in NYC and living in NJ, both corona hotspots. It would have been a nightmare living there.
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    Joker is perfect movie for r/im14andthisisdeep.
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    Tried watching it a second. Found it pretty boring. It's not timeless like dark knight imo.
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    Triple chocolate cake. My niece was a little impatient so had to rush the piping.
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    PC components are around $800. Quest for $399. Already had a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Yes. Index is quite expensive and also completely out of stock. Also, the PC requirements for the index are higher because of the higher refresh rate. So to get the most out of the index you need to spend more on the PC as well. The choice was between Quest and Rift S. Went for the Quest because the experience with Oculus link is very similar to the Rift S and you have a whole bunch of other benefits with it being wireless.
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