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    Finally both my favs after long. Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
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    MS don't need to make money. They have unlimited funds so they can afford to give it at $1. Xbox/gaming division is so small for them. Xbox gaming made roughly $11.4 billion in Fiscal Year 2019, once again accounting for less than 10% of Microsoft's total revenues for the period ($125.84 billion). Their goal is to make GamePass the Netflix of gaming. Build massive library and everyone will come and stick around. Even if 10% sticks around, that is still 1m active subs at $10-15/e. It makes sense because MS pays 3rd party studio the cash right away for X sales instead of letting them wait to reach their X sale over the course of months/years. Example: studio can sell their game for $10m (that's peanuts for MS) and take the money and start on new project right away. While MS takes their game and puts it out on GamePass. Win-win for both. You also won't see big AAA titles day 1 on GamePass except for MS games as they cost and sell more and have been backed up by big publishers (EA/ATVI/Ubisoft/T2/Bethesda). Publishers gets all the money minus store cut. Devs get their salary paid along with some bonus. Post game sales money is all for publishers. MS pays the publisher right away for X estimated sales. Publisher pays the studio salary and keeps the profit or invest in another game/studio. MS can make any offer if they want. MS already burning money with each Xbox One X sale. It makes no dent on their total revenue.
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    There is not even any "greater good" here. Its not like its a cure for the disease. Its basically sacrificing your privacy because your "team" came up with this idea and now you gotta defend it.
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    If anyone thinks sacrificing privacy "for the greater good" is fine then, *sigh*. Well, that's the country we live in. Classic case of the #ChaltaHaiAttitude
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    It's a north Karnataka style dosa.....neer dosa/water dosa ....thin and healthier version of a dosa
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    Paneer Kurkure, Evening snack.. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Lol, your "we" made my point. If criticism of certain actions by the government are considered haters then majority of USA are haters and you guys have been haters a lot more since the current ruling party have been in power for a much lesser time. I suggest we get back to the topic, as neither of us will be able to change our mindsets. At least I added a joke with my comment.
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    Those 3 games are free again. Add them to your account before May 5th. You can get them from here.
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    Wrong picture. Here is the right image - This would be crap even for Games with Gold. Holy hell.
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    off late i have been playing games that did not having interesting stories and having to give up half way as the story was not engrossing (Nioh 1, Destiny 2 - good game play mechanics but yawn story), but that is not the case with Metro exodus!! m I just played the main campaign and finished it in 41 hours (my wife is annoyed that i can sit for such long periods in front of the PC ). This game is so god damn good!! Best in the Metro Series. i enjoyed every minute of it (except a few crashes, but that may be my aging pc). This is easily one of the most atmospheric games in recent times and the immersion level is speculator, that the camera never changes from first person even while using the backpack. 4A games did with Metro Exodus what GSC gameworld could not do with a Stalker sequel. I think for the near future this is the closest we will ever get to a "Stalker 2" with some of the open map levels like the Volga and Caspian. I enjoyed every bit of this game. too bad i had to wait nearly a year to play it. I highly recommend that all the members of IVG here play this title if they are yet to experience the Metro series. Great Campaign story, Great atmosphere and music, great gun play, if you have a decent GPU + CPU you can enjoy the visuals too. I had to turn down the settings as my CPU is aging and my GPU kept heating up and switching off when i set the game graphics at high. This is a game you must not miss.
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    Got my platinum - 106 hrs done
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    Also lol why do people keep crying nOt rEaL a*s CrEeD? In literally both origin and odyssey you could be dude in cringy white hoodie/coat knifing people in the back or whatever. Only problem i have with this is the setting and the fact that you can only play as the bad guy faction. Otherwise ARPG Creed is the best direction this series has taken. Now you can do everything, be le ebin 1 man army character, be some hooded coward hiding in bushes etc
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    UHD Player, Dolby vision and Dolby atmos support. The stock player plays all most all formats of movies. The stock format supports HDR playback, has all OTT apps, so one device does it all. Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    No, neer dosa. It's made of coconut milk. It's light, it's sweetish, it's insanely silky & soft. There is nothing like it to have watery non-vegetarian curries with
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    Yeah, it’s obvious that Gamepass Ultimate offers more value than PS plus. Gamepass has MS games (which should grow by XSX gen) and some indie games on day one. That grabs more audience. Sony doesn’t have a subscription service that include new AAA and indie games yet. Meaning that they have to wait for months to become affordable. And there is no guarantee that they will come to PS Plus later.
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    Veg Biryani.... Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Think they are already here, just look at the coronavirus thread there is a "Heil Modi" remark every page or two, even moderation is biased. Sticking to the jokes, hundreds of guys canceled the same seats of the same show when Deepika supported a protest.
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    https://www.medianama.com/2020/04/223-nama-aarogya-setus-privacy-risks-and-effectiveness-challenges/ Every single reason why I'd stop using a phone than download another poorly managed and thought out govt app. The travesty that is mParivahan is more than enough.
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    Gold is absolutely great. You can download the Headset App on PS4 and set custom tuning depending on the game, which greatly enhances sounds. It's absolutely wonderful and gives a proper surround sound, and allows you to even hear the lowest background music. Would not recommend the Platinum, since the current Gold in the market is Gold Version 2, which is far more durable than the Platinum (still at version 1 and the Original Gold). If you are getting the Gold Headset - look at the label and ensure that you get the headset manufactured 2018 or later (2019 might be ideal to be safe). Seems there were problems with the Original Gold Headset, so Sony revised all Golds and made a new model in 2018. The only negatives of the Gold are that it's a closed ear headset - which means it might make the ear area sweaty, and that it can only be charged with the USB cable that comes in the box, when attached to the PS4. You can't charge the headset with a normal charger like the Controller. Also, make sure to never lose the USB pen-drive that comes with the headset. That pen-drive is the only way you can use the headset wirelessly. Lose that, and the headphone might be useless. Don't know if you can get the Pen-Drive separately. As for other Headsets, Sony actually did not give proper support the other headsets properly on the PS4. I tried using an Audio Technica ATH M50X on PS4. And while the headset itself is amazing on the PC, on PS4 it leaves a lot to be desired. In fact there are regular sound interruptions if you attach that headset to the controller. A friend of mine tried Sennheiser Headphones (I think it was HD 599) with the same result. As far as price is concerned, Gold usually goes for around 10,000 Rs in India (Officially), so your price is actually correct (They essentially skipped the tax, so it's unofficial). I have a white Gold Headset, which I got for a similar price when I travelled abroad. Just check the manufacturing date and talk about warranty/guarantee before-hand.
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    Hi Guys, this is my conclusion on this topic after extensive testing over the past few days. I have used both microtek 650va(360w) and 1000va(550w) ups with both ps4 pro and ps4 slim, connected to a 32 inch Sony tv rated at 123W max. Conclusion: If you are using a ps4 pro, a 1000 va UPS is must. If you are using ps4 slim, a 650 va ups will suffice, provided your Tv isn’t too power hungry(less than 150w), like an old plasma. Here are my testing results: 1. PS4 slim with 650va ups on home screen starts beeping indicating low battery after around 9 mins, when the ups battery is fully charged. 2. PS4 slim with 650va ups, playing god of war, lasts around 5 mins before the low battery indicator starts beeping, when ups is fully charged. 3. PS4 pro with 650va ups lasts around 5 mins in home screen, before low battery indicator starts beeping, when ups is fully charged. 4. PS4 pro with 650va ups, playing digital copy of days gone lasts just less than a minute before low battery indicator starts beeping, when ups is fully charged. 5. PS4 pro with 650va ups, playing disk copy of god of war in 4K mode, couldn’t handle the load. The PS4 pro shut off as soon as power switch was turned off. 6. Ps4 pro with 1000va ups, playing disk copy of god of war in 4K mode, lasted more than 5 mins before low battery indicator started to beep. This can easily extend to over 10 mins if you put the pro on rest mode. **Disclaimer: all the tests were conducted using brand new UPS, so your on battery time may vary with UPS battery degradation.
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    Killing both the main characters from first game.Not buying this game just to play as a villain. ND has messed up badly. And thank god whoever leaked the game , saved me $59.99 The story of revenge is f**ked up. Its a flop game. I am a big fan of "the last of us" the characters, MP ,the story. But this is a huge flop.
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    Game is awesome. Enjoying couch co op a lot with this.
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    Microsoft seems to be confident about next gen. Sony should make some move.
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    Aah, I have given that a thought and listening this always makes a person happy but it's just not practical for me right now. Given the college I am in and the way my experience and academics are going, I am sure of landing a good if not an amazing job but honestly, if I had the option to earn the same with same growth via baking I would take that (I do also love my academic side though) but doing this is very tough, food industry has a lot of challenges. Just not practical. Maybe down the line, I will start from opening a page on insta and taking off from there.
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    Arcade sticks? Nah bois , This is how you play Streets of Rage 4 in 2020. Classic mode controller style allows you to play with 3 buttons too. Yea I just remembered that. So I double dipped on PC LOL. Still a perfect game for playing in Handheld mode.
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    Zones. Sent from my SM-A505F using Tapatalk
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    Couldn't have let Mom's birthday go without a cake. Peach and Mousse Cake with an apple jelly (inside), honeycomb and sugar work.
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    What is it about Horror movies and games with these eerie looking staircases leading to the Basement... Dammit!
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