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    Had some Taco shells since very long and we decided to prepare it today and it came out really really good! Courtesy, wifey with me on supporting role. Marinated Paneer and veggie filling: Taco shells getting ready: (purchased ready made) Salsa filling to add on top of paneer. Final product: It tasted very good as well. A lot better than Mexican Paneer taco we get at Taco Bell
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    Tasting Haleem after being away from Hyderabad for almost 7 years .. goat meat, lots of lentils, spices and wheat grains [emoji1] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fasten your seatbelts it's going to be a sad, frustrating, rough ride. Stay safe peeps! For everyone that has to leave home for work, be careful, never let your guard down and I sincerely hope the best for you and your family. For the lucky ones that can work from home. You have it good. Don't let it go to waste. Be safe. ❤️
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    Some amazing chicken samosasa made by mom
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    Paatal Lok This show is incredible. The first line and the first scene set it up. The main character tells us about the three loks (swarg, dharti, and paatal) of India and when the constable tries to stop the drunk man beating his wife in a slum, the wife retaliates and tells the constable to FO. We do not understand them. We do not understand paatal. The show starts off as a mystery and investigative thriller, and turns beautifully into a glimpse of the two contrasting worlds. It is more about how and why it happened than what happened. It shows India. It shows the Indian-ness of India's gutters. Swarg: the shining, admired, beautiful, wanted, projective, rulers. Rulers who can annoyed equally about the grass in their lawns or the low TRP of their channels. The face. Their motivation is power. This is the world of men. Paatal: the ugly. The wretched. Unwanted. The underbelly. Their motivation is survival. This is the world of insects. Insects survive on the will of men. PL navigates this contrast exceptionally. Most scenes alternate in sequence between the two worlds. In one where children are getting high by smelling a dosed rag to be able to bear their life, the next is an ostentatious media awards night. These worlds co-exist, mostly intertwined, interdependent, like the human body. The face can't survive without the a**hole, and vice-versa. But nobody thinks about the a**hole, unless it stops handling sh*t like it was supposed to. This show is meant for us, of people of the normal world, who have a prime membership, and can read. The names of the episodes, some of which are in English, give this away. The show doesn't really spend any time showing Dharti Lok. It is not about us. The sets and locations appear unbelievably authentic. The pind felt like the pind. The village feels like the village. And the people appear as if they belong. That is hard to do on screen. All characters have detailed multiple elements that they have to juggle. All side characters, from the Europe toting East Delhi gay builder-developer to the regional political leader, to the thick lady constable are superb. Actors who have one scene are the characters. The performances are outstanding. If India had an Emmy's, this show's cast would take like all of them. With a show like this, it is extremely difficult to not fall into the social commentary pitfall. To not be preachy. To not be "Pseudo left-liberal type". This show mostly doesn't do that. It mostly doesn't drag. PL shows some of the most horrific things imaginable. But what made me like this show so much was the realisation that these things probably happen, and they probably happen nearby. In the edges of the bell curve. In adjacent loks. Not infrequently. I could realise this because of the way those things are presented. They don't feel embellished. They don't feel exaggerated. It made me feel thankful. It made me laugh, and punched me in the gut. Favourite scenes: Favourite line: Yeh system jo hai na Chaudhary, door se dekhne mein sada-gala kachre ka dher diktat hai, lekin andar ghus ke samjhoge na, well-oiled machinery hai. Har purzey ko malum hai usey kya karna hai. Favourite performance: Jaideep Alhawat (Haathi) Favourite character: Shaw-vitri When man love dog, he is good man. When dog love man, he is good man. 9/10
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    Croma is really good in this department. The customer care is very helpful. I had a washing machine from samsung with Closet dry feature. Somehow the drying was not happening after a few months and Samsung engineers were just f**king around, trying to tell us the feature is not what we expect (despite me using it for 6 months). Finally assholes got my machine out of warranty and refused service. Approached the Croma store casually and their area manager took it up with Samsung and got me a new replacement. They actually told Samsung reps we will stop selling your washing machines if you cause so much inconvenience to our customer. Lol.
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    PSN Sale starts on June 3rd for EU,UK,AUS,NZ,India,Middle East countries etc All come in one "region" according to Sony, so all get PSN sales on the same date. They have Days of Play sales for physical games and PS Plus cards in UK and EU countries by partnering with game retailers there, those start from today may 25th
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    Samsung 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split Triple Inverter Dura Series AC - White  (AR18TV3HMWKNNA/AR18TV3HMWKXNA, Alloy Condenser) ₹28999 Use HDFC DC EMI to get ₹2500 Off Use HDFC CC EMI to get ₹2000 Off Bayonetta Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle PS4 20% Off ₹1999 Flight tickets get upto ₹2000 cashback
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    How Mumbai Police's new order curbs criticism against Uddhav govt, makes 'admins' responsible for 'rumours' https://www.timesnownews.com/mumbai/article/how-mumbai-polices-new-order-curbs-criticism-against-uddhav-thackeray-govt/596685 .
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    Look for user made missions that give you tons of XP and money for little grind. Ubi constantly deletes these because they obviously want to peddle the XP boost bullshit, but new ones keep popping up every week.
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    Dilli style pindi chole Sent from my HD1911 using Tapatalk
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    Well most of that isn't within our control, but what is under our control (i.e. our actions) is being squandered away. You see people acting all willy nilly
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    I recently completed Last of us again for the third time and i still didnt get why ppl call it a interactive movie. Gameplay and the epic moments like like sweage escape, car push, etc is the the highlight of this game. Its actually the best ND game which is filled with gameplay. Ofcourse the ending was really something and the story/characters here are equally good but the gameplay on survivor, man oh man. Taking down enemies one by one with 2-3 bullets in your inventory, when sh*t goes down, using brick, bottles and using melee like crazy. The powerful shotgun blast and rifle damage, all good to land and hear. Even the map layout is good and gives lots of room to flank. Its a joy to play this game. Few more days
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    >goes public session >walks towards bunker >"awww yesss, i finally get to do missions and make dollas" Then the game crashed :'(
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